Just days ago m & s Marshall Production lead by Matthew Marshall and his co-writer and co-producer Helena Rose hosted auditions for the new film Blue Love. They saw a lot of great talent during the audition but a few faces stood out above the rest.


One of those faces is Alex Catherine Tremblay.  The production team of Blue Love and m & s Marshall Productions is proud to officially announce that Alex Tremblay has been cast as Paige the best friend of the lead character Kaitlyn in the film.  Alex is a graduate of the Theater Performance from Fanshawe College in London. She has been a part of a number of films. She was the lead role of the short film Here Comes Aunt Flo which won her the “best Female Actor award at the First Take Film Festival in 2016.  She has also been a supporting role as part of the Pride Understanding and M.I. Understanding series. Previous theatre credits included Mary in Byrthrite, Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s dream, Ilsa in Spring Awakenings.


Marshall and Rose are looking forward to working with Tremblay and both feel it is a pleasure to have such a talented addition to the cast.


Blue Love is about Kaitlyn Butler (played by Helena Rose)  a woman who is a nurse, who is struggling with a multitude of emotional and mental issues.  She has a broken marriage that she is not sure can be put back together. The script for the film will deal with various social issues including mental illness and domestic abuse as well as various social causes which Marshall is famous for in his scripts.  The film can be found on IMDb at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7479634/



Other cast included some farmilar faces in Jamie Rainbird, Adina Rainbird, Marley Cabral, Anna Victoria, and Emma Willsie. With more people being added coming out of the auditions.


The film will go into principle production some time in spring of 2018. Filming is to take place in St Thomas and London. With the possibility of some scenes in Chatham. Exact schedule has not been set. The production team is still looking to fill a few holes within the cast.  Interested parties can apply at https://www.stage32.com/jobs/357923/Blue-love-casting


Applications are now being accepted through apply to Stage 32 or submitting resume and head shot to msmarshall@sympatico.ca  Those applying should share a link to a rehearsed and recorded Audition monologue which has been posted on You Tube or Vimeo for the casting team to preview. #Bluelove film

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