Actress Anna Victoria made her appearance on  season 2 episode 7 of Disney-ABC Domestic Television’s show  ”Designated Survivor” starring award winning Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland.  In the episode called “Family Ties”. The episode is about a Turkish activist who ignites protests in the U.S., Turkey’s president demands his extradition while the first family unknowingly finds themselves in the center of a battle that could threaten Leo’s (the son of the president) future.  Anna played the role of a Turkish protester.

This is not the only acting Anna has been doing recently.  She played the lead, Teresa, in “Lost and Found” a short film about a young nun who is put in a tough a predicament of choosing between the convent and her dreams. In the end, she is pushed to run away from her family (the nuns) and her best-friend David, in pursuit of her happiness. The opportunity was eye-opening for Anna and made her fall in love with acting like never before as she had never had the responsibility of the main role.


Anna was also part of Marshall’s short film Malicious Attack about bullying.  Anna played one of the student of the high school. Malicious Attack is currently in post-production.


Victoria has some projects on the horizon as she is also schedule to be part of two projects associated with Matthew Marshall.  The first, she will be part of a promotional video for iFilmGroup (  The group brings teens/youth and seniors together to form a partnership that enriches the lives of both young and old through the creative making of award winning films. The mission of this community based film group looks to bring young and old together to work to gain experience, have fun, express themselves in a creative way by having an opportunity to be a part of films and the film industry through working with the iFilmGroup team on productions and in doing so gaining experience and credits.

For the second Faklan is to be part of the cast of Marshall’s newest film Blue Love. She will play a character named Blair Cyra who is a street person that has a run in with the lead character Kaitlyn who is being played by Helena Rose another familiar face in m & s Marshall Productions films. Rose was also part of Malicious Attack as well as appearing in Tuned In. The film centres around Rose’s character who has endured domestic violence and has saw her life spin out of control and is enduring the mental and emotional fall out of what has gone one. Casting for other roles for Blue Love is currently in the process and the hope is to film in the new year around March or April.

Victoria has recently got word from the shows casting director that she will be called back  to be an extra on another episode of Designated Survivor in the future.


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