The date was set, the casting call for extras were posted, and the numbers exceeded movie director’s expectations for filming.


The goal of finding extras for filming of a wedding scene of Craig( Ryan Mason) and Kaitlyn (Helena Rose) for “Blue Love” by m & s Marshall Productions has been completed. “We have had an over whelming response”, says “Blue Love” director and iFilmGroup co-founder Matthew Marshall.  According to the numbers they have 84 extras confirmed with another 60 people who applied but did not respond to messages that were sent back to them. There was also another 30 people that were interested and responded but were unable to come on the date of July 14th.  That brings the total to an amazing response of 174 people that showed a desire on some level to be part of the production.

‘We were blown away by the numbers of people that wanted to be part of the filming we were doing. I am speechless”, says Don Hickey, who is the other co-founder and Community Egagement Manager of iFilmGroup. Of the 80+ people who are to be extras over 20 of them are iFilmGroup members. “It’s so great that so many of the iFilmGroup members are getting opportunities to grow in film through projects that are being filmed right within the area”’ says Hickey.  Hickey goes on to say “having our members be part of this filming is making the mission of iFilmGroup fulfilled in a very real way”.

Marshall, and his m & s Marshall productions team have had a casting call out for several months to fill various extra roles within the film, but the wedding scene is the biggest to date and it has taken some time to get to the 80 cast mark. But the entire team is very excited to know they are going to have a full church for the wedding scene. “Assuming everyone who has said they are coming comes, it will look very impressive with all the seats filled” says Marshall.

Marshall is enjoying opening doors through the film for members of iFilmGroup to fill out the roles within the film.  “we are close to 30 people with associations to iFilmGroup who have been a part of the film in various ways as cast, extra’s and crew.”, says Marshall. For the wedding scene alone 20 + iFilmGroup members will be extras for the film.  “This is hopefully yet another opportunity for more iFilmGroup members as well as members of the public be a part of filming of scenes for films that are associated with iFilmGroup.

We enjoy giving opportunities like this to people interested in film”, says Marshall.  The scene will feature iFilmGroup acting coach Helena Rose as the bride. She is the lead actress of “Blue Love” playing Kaitlyn Butler. Rose is also the co-producer and co-writer of the film. “It’s been an opportunity to allow Helena to grow in her production experience beyond acting. It has exposed her to how a full production comes together from a technical perspective”’ says Marshall.

Hickey feels that this is at the heart of iFilmGroup. “Giving talent, both young and old an opportunity to expand their knowledge and give them opportunities to grow as an artist through mentoring from others who are in the industry is really what iFilmGroup is all about”, says Hickey.

Filming for the scene will happen on July 14th in Port Stanley at St John’s Presbyterain Chruch. After that the Production Team will be preparing for other upcoming filming dates.  July 14th will somewhat bring to a close the extra opportunities for “Blue Love”. However Marshall and Hickey have other plans in the works that will open up opportunities for involvement for current iFilmGroup members as well as new ones coming on board. Plans are in the works for casting and filming of the short film “Not Ready” written by Hickey. Along with some workshop and event opportunities are in the planning stages as well.

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