Blue Love written by Marshall and Helena Rose.  Marshall and Rose are also co-producing the film. The team is looking for any final submissions for their open casting call which will be held this weekend Saturday January 27th.  “Blue Love” and is about young woman named Kaitlyn looking for true love. She endures domestic violence and has her life spin out control. She struggles to overcome and come to grips with mental and emotional issues from events that have happened to her. The film is being directed by Marshall and Rose will be the lead actress for the film playing Kaitlyn.   It is being filmed in London Ontario. Hopefully around early spring depending on schedules.

There is a large number of applicants but Marshall is hesitate to say they have what they want until everyone shows up and they see the talent level that they have. He is hoping based on the talent pool that this could be the strongest and best cast he has ever had.

The team is looking forward to seeing the many talented actors and actresses from around the London, St Thomas area. They already have people from Port Stanley, Chatham, London, Strathroy and even some people coming from Toronto. Filming for the independent film done through Marshall Production Company will take place in early spring.

The production already features some familiar faces from the past with Marshall with cast being anchored by Helena Rose in the lead role of Kaitlyn. Also returning are names like Marley Cabral, Jamie Raidbird, Emma Willsie, Anna Faklan and adding Adina Paluzzi-Rainbird

“The cast is pretty large with a lot of little roles. Plus we have openings for extras in a number of scenes”, says Marshall. He is open to anyone that is interested in being a part of the production on any level contacting him. She suggest submitting a resume and head shot and sending him an e-mail. For further Information contact Matthew at

More information about the film can be found at

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