The independent dramatic film Blue Love filmed a full day in London, Ontario of the scenes that are the “backbone” of the film. Filming included scenes of the lead character Kaitlyn Butler (Played by actress and iFilmGroup Acting coach Helena Rose) and Dr. Fairbanks (Played by iFilmGroup member Mary Ellen Herder) and took place on a set that was a therapist office.  The scenes centre around Kaitlyn who has been court ordered to attend therapy (the reason is revealed in the film) talking to Dr. Fairbanks about her emotional and mental issues due to events in her life. It is in these scenes that the themes of the film dealing with mental illness, depression, thoughts of suicide and domestic abuse are all explored.  Flashback scenes of further explanation and telling the full story are between the scenes in Therapy.


The talented pair of actresses in Rose and Herder showed wonderful chemistry during filming of the scenes. The chemistry between them was first seen in the original auditions when Herder was reading opposite Rose.  As the two of them have got to know each other since casting the chemistry between them when they act opposite each other has grown and shown with the screen magic they make when acting opposite of each other.

With the completion of this filming day, Blue Love moves into the final stages of production with just a half a dozen more filming days depending on schedules and locations. A day at the end of October will complete another eight scenes for the film. With other dates on the horizon in November and with at least one date in mid-December.

Don Hickey, iFilmGroup co-founder was in attendance for the filming with his iFilmGroup partner and other co-founder Matthew Marshall. Marshall owns m & s Marshall Production the company producing Blue Love. Marshall is also the film’s director. He is co-writer and Co-Producer with lead Actress Helena Rose.  Rose is a familiar face with iFilmGroup. She is the Acting Coach for the group. As well, Rose has been a part of five previous productions associated with Marshall and Hickey and is cast in an upcoming project as well. Including Blue Love that brings her total to seven productions she has acted in and another she was acting coach for.  This is Rose’s first time stepping behind the camera to work as a producer and writer of the production.  It has given her a new perspective on the process of film making.

Marshall feels with performances like what Herder and Rose gave the film will touch and speak to a lot of people. “You will feel for Helena Rose’s character. Kaitlyn has been through a lot. We touch a number of very core pulse themes and topics that are going on in society right now with this film”, says Marshall. After filming is complete the project will move into post-production. A release date has not been set yet.

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