The wheels of justice often move very slowly. Sometimes it can take a year for an accused to have their day in court. The same can be said for the dramatic film Blue Love under the direction of Matthew Marshall and his m & s Marshall Production team. “The location of the courtroom scenes have proven to be a test for the team. It has taken a while and a number of possible locations before the details could be worked out to find a location willing to host the team for filming” says Marshall. He along with the support services of iFilmGroup has been scouting for an appropriate location for over six months. Which has delayed the finishing of the filming of the movie. Many spots were approached and a lot of negotiations went on. But the location proved to be a tough one to nail down. Especially with the strict rules of fully functioning courtrooms. Several options were explored but for various reasons, those locations did not work out.  Finally, one worked out and was approved. The team moved forward with the location and the date was set for Blue Love to appear in court.  Lucky for Marshall and the Blue Love cast and crew the scenes were flashbacks and were all new characters except for the main role of Kaitlyn Butler played by Helena Rose. With a little hair magic and the help of the wig that has been used for much of the filming to keep Helena’s hair constant, you would not have known much time had passed. The gap in time meant a little rework of the way the scene was originally written and also allowed for some roles to be re-cast to some new faces that have been associated with Marshall and the iFilmGroup team. These included Bree Hamilton, Hazel Parsons and Taniya Sheikh.  The rest of the cast for the scene were some very familiar faces of m & s Marshall Productions and iFilmGroup.  They included Judy Cormier who played the Judge (previous films; Daughter of the King, and Malicious Attack), Maria Piccoli-Zimmerman played the Prosecution (Previously; Not Ready), Robert Herder played the defense lawyer (previously Malicious Attack) and Jordyn Taylor played a Correctional Officer (Previous films; Not Ready, Malicious Attack).



The filming was of two scenes that deal with the lead Kaitlyn being in court due to the choices she has made in the storyline. “It is because of her choices and lack of trying to help herself that she ends up where she is,” says Helena Rose who not only played the lead role but also crossed over to the crew side and co-produced with Marshall.  Marshall and Rose are also co-writers of the film as well.  “These scenes will hopefully help the audience feel for Kaitlyn situation. But some may feel she is right where she belongs based on her choices.” Marshall adds.


The film is a 1hr dramatic film about Kaitlyn enduring domestic violence and having her life spin out control. She struggles to overcome and come to grips with mental and emotional issues from events that have happened to her.


The team has a couple remaining small scenes left and then Blue Love officially moves into post-production.


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