Award winning director Matthew Marshall and his m & s Marshall Production cast and crew shot in St Thomas at St Thomas Tire on Talbot Street on Sunday June 10th for the dramatic film Blue Love.  The scene featured the films lead Helena Rose along with Maysee McLean, Anna Victoria and Chassidy Fleming. The scene also included some members of iFilmGroup as other cast in the scene.   The scene was an outdoor scene that took place in a setting that looked like a rundown part of the city on the turf of a group of street girls. “Kaitlyn (played by Helena Rose) takes a short cut home and has to go through a rougher part of town where she runs into a gang of street girls”, says Marshall of the scene.

The group of girls was made up of iFilmGroup members are the aforementioned Anna Victoria, Maysee Mclean and Chassidy Fleming. The scene was an exchange between the girls and the film’s lead actress and iFilmGroup’s acting coach Helena Rose.  Rose is the other half of the team that wrote the script along with Marshall.   The scene included a number of extras which included a few other iFilmGroup members.

Don Hickey the Community Engagement Manager and co-founder of iFilmGroup was in attendance for the filming, as was iFilmGroup’s still-photographer Reza Khazaee who helped out on the tech team for the film for the day.

It was another successful filming date for Marshall and his m & s Marshall Production, as well for the iFilmGroup team.  It is the second day of a three day run of m & s Marshall Production filming in and around St Thomas for the film.  Fun was had by all. More filming dates for the film are in the works and will included more of the iFilmGroup members. A big filming date is coming up in July on Saturday the 14th when they film in Port Stanley at St John’s Presbyterian Church for the big wedding scene where there is an opportunity for people to be extras for the 80 spots that are available to be wedding guest.

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