The new m & s Marshall Productions film Blue Love kicked off its first day of filming with scenes in St Thomas at a private residence. The scenes took place in a small apartment that was representing the film’s lead Kaitlyn Butler’s residence. Kaitlyn is played by actress Helena Rose. Rose is also the co-writer of the film with m & s Marshall Productions co-owner Matthew Marshall. The pair are also co-producing the production.  With this first filming date they have started on the journey in telling the story of Kaitlyn who is a woman struggling with a poisonous marriage, enduring domestic violence, anxiety, depression, coping with the stress of being a nurse, facing the birth of a child and trying to overall hold her life together.  “The role is deep and complex. It gives us a view into the world of a woman who is helping to heal people through her profession but is broke herself”,  says Rose. The opening scene starts with Rose in bed as Kaitlyn sleeping. We see several flashbacks to good and bad events in her life. leaving those who watch wondering what is going one. “We want to hook people right away”, says Marshall. He admits that people will be a little unsure what is going on for a few minutes. But the story is slowly revealed from Kaitlyn’s point of view and step by step as the film moves forward the audience gets a glimpse into her life.


The film will be about 1hr long and is a drama. Kaitlyn, is a young nurse who just wants to find true love. She endures domestic violence from her husband who she thought was her one true love of her life. Her life spin out control. She struggles to overcome and come to grips with mental and emotional issues from events that have happened to her.

The cast includes; Ryan Mason, Alex Catherine Tremblay, Steven Trevor, Jamie Rainbird, Adina Rainbird, Maysee McLean, Marley Cabral, Emma Lee, Judy Cormier  as well as many others from the London and area.

Filming continues Saturday May 12th with scenes at the St Thomas Elgin General Hospital.  With more filming continuing through the spring into the summer.  Blue Love can be found on IMDb at

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