The new hour long dramatic film “Blue Love” by m & s Marshall Production is looking for key cast members. The film has cast some of the roles already including the main role of Kaitlyn being played by Helena Rose.


Seek non-equity actors, female and male age range 16 -70.  Audition times and meetings with interested people will be set up for near future once interested individual has either Resume and headshot or applied on Stage 32.  


Stage 32 Casting link:


To summit resume and head shot or for further Information Contact Matthew at 



Roles being cast for are:

Kaitlyn Butler  – Helena Rose

Dr. Fairbanks      30yrs to 50yrs – Kaitlyn’s therapist

Braydon Butler  – 22yrs to 35yrs  (Husband of Kaitlyn. Is both tender yet an abuser.)

Dylan Clarke       -  22yrs to 40yrs ( Love interested Kaitlyn dreamed of.)

Drug Dealer / Pimp – Jamie Rainbird

Crystal – Adina Paluzzi-Rainbird

Sapphire – Emma Willsie

Diamond – Marley Cabral

Blair Cyra – Anna Fanklan

Paige -  22yrs to 30yrs – Friend of Kaitlyn’s who is a nurse.

Hospital Nurse-  19yrs to 30yrs – Nurse at the hospital

Middle Eastern (Muslim)  Nurse – 18yrs to 30yrs  – Nurse at the hospital

Maternity Nurse – 20yrs to 60yrs

Clinic Nurse – 25yrs to 50yrs         -

CAS Worker – 25yrs to 50yrs        -

Prosecution – 30yrs to 55yrs

Lawyer -  30yrs to 55yrs

Court Officer – 30yrs to 60yrs

Correctional Officer – 25yrs to 50yrs

Detective            25yrs to 60yrs

Police Officer #1 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Police Officer #2 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Police Officer #3 – 25 yrs to 45 yrs

Police Officer #4 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Basketball Kid  – 14 yrs to 20 yrs

street teen / young adult  – 16yrs to 25yrs

Congregation Member -

Wedding guest

Clinic Patients


For more information about the film and the Production Company go to:


Blue Love IMDb Page

Inter-generation Film Group:

m & s Marshall production Facebook page:


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