The short film Struggles Within which was filmed a couple summers ago and saw it’s original release at the 2017 Chatham Film Festival is adding some footage to enhance the look of the productions as many people did not understand that the film which is told entirely by music and dance was about depression.


The production team of the film has gone back to work to craft some shots and elements that will better enhance and tell the story in a way that people will see that the struggle is about depression. ‘Hopefully through these new elements people better understand that it;s about depression” says production co-producer and the film’s production Manager Matthew Marshall.  “The film is about battling inner demons. From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain” says Marshall. The outside looking in and inside looking out is the exact problem the production team has been having and why they are trying to better explain it through the film.


The Production will see some of the original cast come back while some new inner demons are being cast to add another level of the struggles with inner demons that some one with depression endures.  Currently Marshall is looking for new cast members and has posted for people on Facebook, Stage 32 and StarNow.


The production team has added some new people but are looking to add a couple more to round out the new cast.

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