FL – Feature Length Script

S – Short Length Script


Produced in 2012


Addictions follows the story of Kayla Butler who would pass for the girl next door.  However Kayla has a dark secret that most people don’t know that is about to be fully exposed. As the production begins she enters in to face a Review Board to see what punishment she might receive for her brush with the law. Her secret will shatter the image that everyone has of her. Can one event in someone’s life truly change it this much? This is what the production explores as Kayla tells her story of the events that have happened to lead her down this road and her journey at an addiction group program. There she is forced to face the recent events in her life that have lead to her being court ordered into the program.  Through the program Kayla must now admit she has an addiction while learning to blend in with the other people in the group facing various addictions. Each member has their own demons of addiction and are at different stages of facing and dealing with them. Along the way she accepts Christ into her life and it changes her perspective. But it does not change the fact that she is facing criminal charges. Will she convince the Review Board that she has learned from her experience or will they feel that she needs to be punished for her actions. Her future lies in the hands of this Review Panel. Will she be set free or face more punishment? Could her ultimate fear come true… could Kayla be facing jail time for her actions?



Jessica an unhappily married woman and mother of a small child feels isolated and neglected by her husband Tyler. Her husband’s best friend Eric tries to be there to help out his friend’s wife. As Eric and Jessica become closer, she struggles with feelings she has for Eric. Finally she acts upon them and then Eric struggles with making a young woman happy or betraying his best friend.


Oscar Wilde said “The only thing worst then getting what you want, is getting it.” This statement is what best describes this story about a married couple named Marcus and Tamara McCaw that have been fighting and are on the verge of breaking up because of failed attempts to have a child. Tamara is desperate for a child and is willing to go to desperate and extreme measures to have a baby in an attempt to try and fix their relationship before it is to late. In the process, a triangle of love is formed and the results are nothing that Tamara could have ever imagined. It’s a taste of life that sometimes what you think you want really isn’t what you expect to get.


Andrea, a teenage girl who is dealing with issues and problems in her life gets caught up in a moment where her actions change her life for ever. Now she must deal with the events that have lead her to take someone’s life and the chilling look into her life as she now must deal with the sever consequences of her actions.


A group of youths called the “Hoser Punks” have their neighbourhood invaded by an evil rival gang called the “Hounds from Hell”. The Hound’s leader Zues Mad Man Crippler sets his focus on the leader of the Hoser punks, Skinny Sliders’ girl friend Kara. Thinking that they can do whatever they want with no opposition, the Hounds devise a plan to get Kara. The Hoser Punks must now try and save both their leader’s girl and their neighbourhood.


Produced in 2008


A group of teens embark on their final party of their high school careers. School is almost over and it’s time to celebrate before they all go their separate ways for post secondary schooling and begin their life. But in this final party of celebration each member of this group of the teens will have to face situations where they will have to make decisions and choices that will alter their lives forever in ways that they could not have predicted before this night. The Choices they make will decide their fate and they will have to live with the consequences of their decisions. They will be “bound by the choices they make.”


“Look the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel.” And so the most famous story began. The Birth of Jesus Christ. But the night he arrived was no different then any other night. In fact it could be describe as peaceful, usual, or even normal. A Common Night. This ½ hour production tells the story of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of those that were there to witness it all. God gave us the perfect Christmas gift in His Son Jesus. And He brought Him to us through simple ordinary people on a “Common Night”


Megan Walker is a young married wife with a new baby just arrived. She is living the story book fairy tale of a happy wife and mother. In a moment it all changes. She finds her new baby dead in it’s crib. She panics and calls her mother first. Then calls 911. When the police arrive they don’t see it as an accident. They think something doesn’t add up and that Megan is not the grieving mother but the murderer of her baby. She is arrested and charged. Through the story Megan rides the roller coaster of being made out to be a baby killer. She faces a trial and possible prison. No one looks at her the same way. If things didn’t look dark enough the police feel that her mother is an accomplice and are going after her to do prison time as well. Megan fights for her freedom, her reputation, her marriage and to help keep her mother out of prison.


“DECEPTION AND LIES” is a strong and frightening look at what occurs in the prison systems of North America and what happens in society when evil, unmoral, corrupt men are given full power over a woman in an environment like a prison. Where superiority and dominance by guards are enforced and the women struggle to endure and live through the humiliation, pain and torture that is inflicted on them.


Tara Gallager is expecting a child but has broke up with her husband. Now she is trying to make it on her own. Little does she know that her husband’s worst enemy Andre has his eyes fixed on her as a method to extract revenge on her now ex husband for things he had done. Andre kidnaps Tara, holding her captive and torturing her to extend revenge on Tara’s ex husband. Andre’s revenge has no limit, even if that means hurting Tara or her unborn child.

DOMESTIC PRISONER: The Tale of Tiffany Foster (s)

Tiffany Georgina Foster has been living in a form of prison. She is the wife of a very abusive man, who mentally, physically and emotionally abuses her. To her this is all normal, for it is the way her father treated her mother. She is willing to bare it all feeling that any hurt that her husband inflicts on her, she deserves. However one day during one of his fits of rage she fights back. Fearful that he will follow through on a threat to kill her and the baby she is carrying she fights back and kills her husband in self defence. But the law does not see it that way. They do not see her as a victim but as a cold blooded murderer. They charge her and she is convicted of her husbands murder. She has to move from one prison to another. She tells her story of all that she went through and all that she has endured as a convicted murderer in prison.


All is normal in the small fishing town, Harbourville Town. Or so people think until members of their teenage population start being killed in a string of murders. Who could be behind this and what it their motive? Is it revenge or some one preying on innocent teen victims? Detectives attempt to track down the killer and solve the case before anyone else falls victim to this killer. No one is trying to figure this out more then the group of teenagers that seem to be, being focussed on by the killer. If they don’t figure it out they could be next. The answer lies in the one member of the group that is dreaming about all the murders. Will the link be found before too many lives are lost.


A family of four faces a personal tragedy that affects them all. The tragedy unearths some deeper issues and problems with in the family. The teenage daughter sees her parents marriage falling apart and sides with her mother. While the teenage son does not see what is underlying and sides with his father. Tempers are rising and things are being said that can never be taken back. As tension rises in the family towards a complete blow up that rips the family apart for good and leaves everything in shambles. Now two teenagers will grow up in a broken home and struggle with the issues that face children of divorce; separated families, the feelings and emotions that they feel. One of the teens will become prey of the pit falls that children of divorce fall into. Now this family must struggle to find the things they still have in common among them and find some way to save what is left of this broken family.


Laura Bowman a 17 year old girl, who is a straight “A” student and a member of the cheerleading team, finds herself being arrested after she gives birth to her baby who was born dead. No one, not even her parents knew she was pregnant. Everyone assumes that she was just thinking selfishly about herself and was trying to hide the pregnancy on purpose, never meaning for this baby to stand a fighting chance, so she could return to her care-free life. She is charged with multiple charges including murder and is sent to prison. Now in prison fighting to find a way to be set free, Laura must deal with life in prison and faces a roller coaster of events that will forever change her young life.


Heather Bird a school teacher finds herself up against accusations that she is having a relationship with a student at her school. She must struggle through rumours, being accused and charged with raping the boy. Facing prison and her family falling apart, she tries to prove her innocence and avoid being labelled a sexual predator.


Produced in 2011


The Great Banquet is two act play about socialite Elizabeth Chapman, who is planning a gala banquet for the guests of the Great Congregation Assembly. Her Brandon feels that the food from this meal could be better used for the needy. Several of those people cross paths with Elizabeth and her staff as the story unfolds. The local law, Police Officer Harrington tries to keep some of the local “unworthy” from crashing the party. As the preparation for the meal unfolds events happen and lives are changed forever. The only question becomes, will the guests show up? The clock ticks down to dinner being served.


This half an hour program looks around the world at different countries that have different cultures, different lives, ideals, backgrounds, religious beliefs and politics than we do. These countries have traditions that have often become part of ours down through the years. Many times we take for granted our day to day life. Events and special occasions that come and go without any thought of where they came from or why we do them. This program will share with you a few things that we all do that have become part of this very special Christmas season, which we accept as part of our Christmas culture.


The newly empowered government, “The Party for Change”, a right wing religious group that said they had been sent by God, campaigned on the platform promising to change things and make the country a better place to raise families in. No one expected them to make the changes that they did concerning women. They have take, women’s rights back several decades and replaced it with a repressive and old moral style of life for all that are female in gender. Making laws that they say have been sent by God himself. Any female that does not obey their rules or conform to their new ways will be sent to the new supper holding prisons where the women are prisoner and become the property of the state to be used as a child bearer. To be a Handmaiden


“Imprisoned Without Choice” is a love story about an average women named Jennifer that has worked hard to build a life for herself and a successful law enforcement officer named Agent Hayward that would go to extremes to get the girl of his dreams and sacrifice anything in the world to keep her. This would Include sinking to illegal levels. After much confrontation between Jennifer and Hayward they realize that they are actually falling in love with each other. But at this touching moment, they both realize that they have more obstacles to overcome before they can be together. Hayward fights to free the first women he has really loved and Jennifer fights to protect their unborn baby from harm in prison. Hayward is willing to put everything he values on the line to save Jennifer, to get her and their baby back into his life.


Tiffany Sawyer is a women that has a history of being abused by her now ex husband. One night the husband comes to the ex wife’s home and pushes her to far. In an act that she feels is self defence she kills him but the law does not see it that way. They feel she abused her power as a police women and killed him intentionally to get revenge. She is charged with his murder and sent to prison to severe time with some of the very people she helped put away. She is taken away from her daughter and is now forced to try and survive; doing her time in a prison where she has no friends and lots of enemies. Guards that abuse and break the rules and use inmates for their own pleasure. The only thing that keeps Tiffany going is her daughter and trying to prove her innocence.


KIDNAPPED FOR KEEPS” is the story with many twists and turns about Michelle Moore, a young women that is desired and coveted by her father in law, Phillip Moore. Michelle had married Phillip’s son, Greg much to Phillips disliking. However Greg and Michelle’s marriage did not last long. Just long enough for Michelle to become pregnant. But is it’s Greg’s? Phillip goes to extreme measures to disgrace and humiliate his daughter in law’s reputation. Phillip’s hunt for destruction of his daughter in law is powered by his deep felt desire to have Michelle for himself. Can love come out of this act of destruction and is Phillip a better match for Michelle then his son Greg was? Will Greg stand by and let his father have the girl that was once his wife?


A nine hundred year old vampire has been awakened from his slumber by his faithful servants. Now he is on a quest to right a wrong that he made many years early with a wayward pupil of his. He must first consume young woman’s fresh blood to feed his hunger and gain the strength he needs to destroy his evil student that has disgraced the long standing tradition of Knight Stalking. The art of Knight Stalking has helped this vampire master to survive through the years and centuries. But now the old master must face his past of wide spread terror and harm that he has caused to so many people, by facing his one enemy. The protector of good, the hunter of the night. A young well trained master in the great art of hunting the dark creatures of the night and former pupil of the old master. The most feared enemy of any Vampire. A KNIGHT STALKER!


A modern day story in the spirit of the traditional story of the birth of Christ on Christmas Day Mary a young teenager struggles with her faith, being pregnant and her belief in being told she has been chosen by God to re-enact the celebration of the birth of his son Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. Or is it just a dream as the Virgin Mary thought those so many years ago when she was visited by an angel. Mary’s faith and inner strength as well as her belief will be tested as the true spirit of Christmas is reborn in modern times.


Produced in 2008, Remount in 2010

“Meaning of Christmas” is about a young woman named Kristan Banks who has wandered away from her religious ties and lost her way in life. The production takes place on a cold night in December near Christmas when Kristan wanders back into a church supposedly for the reason to get warm. She like Mary, the mother of Jesus so long ago, is great with child and has questions and concerns about being a young mother. Kristan is full of anger and feels that God is not with her. Yet where has she ended up but in the church she grew up in. Through the story she encounters people from within the church including the minister, the janitor, and another woman her age who all guide this lost sheep back to finding hope and rekindling her faith. During her journey on this one fateful night Kristan will rediscover her faith and find out the true meaning of Christmas and what the season of Christmas really is abou


Megan Sims has a problem. Her husband of sixteen years has walked out on her and she has five kids to support and bills to pay. She only has a grade ten education and she can’t find a job or the money to look after her kids and pay the bills. Her friend thinks she’s found the answer. Megan is offered a one time big deal, to import a shipment of what she thinks is gold bars on her person. If caught it’s only a fine. What Megan doesn’t know is that the gold bars are really drugs for a local drug dealer. Megan gets caught at the border and is charged with trafficking of drugs and now is facing life in prison. This devastates her family. Her father dies of a heart attack, her mother is forced to look after her kids that are hurt and heartbroken at losing their mother, leading to the family falling apart. Now Megan must not only fight to clear her name and get out of prison, but she must try and hold her family together from her prison cell.


Rich Uncle Charles has passed way. Family and friends have gathered to hear his last will and Testimony. Each person in the room has come for the sole purpose to get some of Uncle Charlie’s fortune. But Uncle Charlie an amateur Playwright and director, who loved a good murder mystery has one more plot twist for this group as at his final curtain. In his will he has one last request for all the players and those that played parts in his life to play out a murder Mystery of his crafting in order for them to get there hands on his money. Now to get there cut of his fortune they must each play a part of a character that he has cast them to be. Secrets will be revealed, truths will be uncovered, and all will see each other in a totally different light before this mystery is solved. Tension among the players will reach a climax and before the final curtain falls, and this game could turn to real “Murder on Stage”


“MY ANGEL” is about a young teenage girl named Amanda, who has been bothered by her parent’s divorce. She has been aggressive and getting into fights at school as well as she becomes pregnant. Everyone around her feels she is out of control, except one person. A senior student named Matt who helps Amanda over her rough times in her life. Matt and Amanda’s relationship develops from friends to a passionate, loving partnership that matures and blossoms over time into true love between each other. This relationship and the love from it forever changes Amanda’s life.


A teen girl who is near the end of her pregnancy as she looks back of the experience of being pregnant and how it has change her life for ever. This production takes a hard look into the scare that millions of teenagers and face each year. The effect on her life of choosing to carry the unborn child to term. The reality of her body going through the changes and her stomach swelling as the baby grows inside her. To the pain and fear of going through birth alone. These are the events that we find in. She is faced with all the typical thoughts, feelings and emotions a girl has during her pregnancy.


On the day of her wedding a women is arrested and charged with a crime that she says she had nothing to do with and was no part. She struggles to regain her freedom and the chance to spend her life with the man she loves. Fighting the over whelming presumption that she is guilty of the crime.


“PROHIBITED RELATIONS” takes a look into the topic of women in military. How there is a double standard between men and women that serve their country. This story deals with what happen to women in the military if they have an affair with a man that is married and how they are treated verses how a man would be treated for the same crime. Demonstrating the double standard that exist in our “armed forces”. She has sexual relationships with a fellow officer that is married with children. She becomes pregnant by him. She attempts to hide that she is expecting as long as she can and pass it off as another man’s baby. knowing that if anyone finds out it is the fellow officers, both of their careers may be over. Her senior officers feel she is trying to hide something. She is investigated and charged with adultery, fratinization with an enlisted man, conduct unbecoming an officer, contempt, making false statements, disobeying a senior officer and failure to obey lawful orders. This story follows her as she fights against the military and all they try to do to her.


Produced in 2004


Shannon struggles with discovering that she is pregnant. She never thought it could happen to her. But now it has and as the reality of being pregnant starts to sink in she realizes that her world as she knows it could be torn apart and shattered by this life altering event. Shannon now must face the issues that come with being an expecting mother. She tries to cope with the major life decisions that she now has to make. She must explore her choices of having the baby and keeping it, adoption or abortion. Choices made tougher by her feeling of isolation. Abandoned by Brad her boyfriend who panics when he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, Shannon turns to her best friend Lisa. Shannon’s head is spinning, her stomach is churning and she is riding a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. What she thought could never happen to her has? She must deal with the situation she finds herself in and the response of her boyfriend Brad to not be a part of her being pregnant


An Ambitious young single police women is attacked and raped by a stranger, in her home and becomes pregnant from the attack. The attacker was thought to be a robber but turns out to be a fellow police officer. When the attacker returns to kill the women because she knows who he is, the women in an act of rage kills the man. The women is charge and sent to prison for his murder.


Selina Lindsay who has been emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually abused by her husband Rob. It tells the story of how Selina was pushed to the point of having to kill her husband to protect herself and the unborn child she is carrying. Selina confess to murdering her husband. But is it murder or self defence? Follow this tale through as Selina is put in jail and made to stand trial for the murder of her husband. This story takes a chilling and realistic look into the world of abuse of women.


“STALEMATE” is a story about one upper middle class woman’s struggle to survive through human hardship and adversity. Victoria Bradley is a young, attractive, twenty year old women that has been betrayed all through her life by the people around her. At the age of fifteen Victoria was sold into a marriage to Mark Bradley by her father. Now five years into their marriage, Victoria is betrayed by Mark when he kicks her out of their home for supposedly cheating on him. The ultimate betrayal will come when Mark’s close friend and business associate, Lucus Dalton rapes, kidnaps and tortures Victoria. Lucus does this so that he might gain control over Victoria for his own pleasure as his property. Victoria is given an ultimatum. She either divorces Mark and marries Lucus or she will have to live as Lucus’ prisoner. Although Victoria’s marriage to Mark is a little rocky she still loves him and is willing to suffer through anything Lucus might do to her just to keep the hope of going back with Mark alive. “STALEMATE” is a twisted mental chess game between Lucus and Mark fighting over money, power and one women. One of these men are willing to cross the line of rational behaviour and mental stability in order to win the game and take possession of Victoria. It is a bitter fight to the end to see who is left to stand and who will die.


What a tangled web we weave when we wish to deceive. The police are looking for the clues that will lead them to who the murder is of a promenade rich business man. But trying to find the truth could uncover more then they care to know as a tangled web of deception and hidden relationships is uncovered as the police dive deeper in to trying to solve the case in which every one has something to hide.

TIME OF CONFUSION: Decisions & Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy (S)

Produced in 1998


Ken and Blair are faced with the dilemma that millions of young adults and teenagers face each year. They wait through a home pregnancy test to see if their lives will be changed forever by becoming new parents of a baby that they had not planned on or if they have escaped the danger till another time. As the couple is faced with this predicament they reflect on what has happened through flashbacks on how they met, what the mistake of having unprotected sex might lead to, and the things they said to each other during the heat of a fight over the fact that they might be having a child. “TIME OF CONFUSION” touches on the feelings and emotions that both boys and girls struggle to cope with during this time when their lives may forever be changed due to one small mistake. A time when they must make “Decisions” on what to do if Blair is pregnant and the “Consequences” of their actions.


The tale of many Urban Myths. Are they true or just made up? One reporter is drawn into something he may never get out of. Through the telling of many short stories by a witch, the reporter gets more and more wrapped up in the stories, till the tales of Urban Myths come face to face with him.


Produced in 2010


“Walk to the Cross” is a dramatic Christian production, set in the present that follows the theme of the Good Friday story. The story is about a female doctor named Christine Johnson, who is a Christian follower living her life as Jesus would want her to. She encounters a group of wayward teenagers/young adults and begins to mentor them about right and wrong, faith and religion; becoming friends with the group along the way. As the friendship between the doctor and the group grows, the doctor helps them to face their troubles and leads them to Christ. Those that follow her grow in their faith as they all walk along their day to day faith journey and grow as new Christian followers. The doctor begins to be referred to as a “Christ like” person, causing a stir with the local law and order. Through the story Dr. Chris stands up for God even though it means that she is standing out. The Faith Journey has begun! “Walk to the Cross” won the 2010 Canadian Script Writers Award for “Best Script”.


In a small town in the northern part of North America in a local school a group of girls and their friends are focussed in on by a “serial killer”. The killer uses different legends and myths to slowly kill a string of people, all the time getting closer to the person at the centre of the reason for the killing. The person the killer wishes to get revenge on. This short thriller about seeking revenge is filled with twist and turns as you try and figure out the mystery of who the killer is that is making dreams come true.

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