The second day of filming of the new short film Struggles Within finished and the end result is breath taking. This second segment is titled Conflict and both the director and Co-producer / production Manager Matthew Marshall are blown away and impressed with the end results. “The footage is amazing” says Marshall. Wood “I’m impressed with all the hard work of my cast of dancers and crew. We have some amazing footage.”



This independent short film  is tackling the issue of depression through dance. It is an emotional look at young women’s struggle with depression, and her choice as to whether she wants to continue to live.


Struggles Within written and directed by Corrinne Wood and is a co-production with Chatham based IME Films and m & s Marshall Productions.  This is the second day of principle filming at a private residence in St Thomas.


The short film is told entirely through dance with no words. The Young woman at the centre of the film struggling with depression is played by St Thomas Native Katie Ostojic who feels dancing in this film is a wonderful opportunity to do what she loves the most, to dance. “Being part of this film is an opportunity to inspire others, especially youth” says Ostojic when talking about her role in the film.  She goes on to say, “The story about overcoming demons and finding hope Is one I know well, and It’s an honour for me to tell this story through the art dance. Hope changes everything”.


The cast of the film also features Camryne Quinn who plays Depression and Morgan Flanagan who plays hope.  Morgan, along with Ostojic also played a student in Marshall’s Tuned In.


The rest of the cast featured in this second segment of filming called Conflict are Julia Hunter Olivia Torrance, Talitha Wood,  Elizabeth White, Bianca Sinclair, Abby Johnston,  Amy Krosnicki, Nia Wood, Ashley Wood.  This second segment was also choreographed by Olivia Torrance. It will be the third dance sequence in the final film and features the struggle between hope and depression over the central character. Depression and the inner demons fight for control while ‘The Girl” (Ostojic) and hope fight to suppress the Depression and the inner demons that consume the main character. UP next is a big weekend of back to back days of filming the final two dance sequences. Filming will take place on the 27th and 28th of August.

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