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“Ashley Miller”

Debra is a graduate of the Acting for Film and Television program at Niagara College.  Debra past film experience includes “Crissy McKenzie” in A Heart’s Journey, “Minon #3” in Dark Betrayals and a role in a Fanshawe College student film called The Sacrfice. Debra is also the writer of an original screen play called Reality Ignored in which she played the lead “Olivia”.  She has appeared in several Niagara College productions including Thrown out and Luck of the Draw, Detox and High School Horrors. Other theatre credits included playing the role of a “Scientist” in Left Out and “Tiger” in CATSDebra hopes in the near future to write and direct her very own short action film.


Debra van Gaalen has won four awards and has been an official finalist Nominee for Best Actress in another festival for her portrayal of Ashley Miller in Daughter of the King.  Awards won included a prestigious “Award of Merit: Leading Actress” at The Accolade Global Film Competition  She has also won a 2015 International Independent Film Festival -Silver Award for Actress,  2015 Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition Award of Merit: Actress and a 2016 Mountain Film Festival Best Actress Award. She was a 2015 Los Angeles International Film Awards  Nominee for Best Actress




Tiffany is a talented singer and song writer. She has had a number of years of professional vocal training as well as being self taught in guitar and piano. She is a rising musical talent and  has released a number of songs including; “How do you wait”,  “5th Avenue”,  “Turning Everything Off”,  “The Forest” all written and produced by herself.  She also co-written several songs with Ari Baldurson including “Touchdown”, “Can’t let you go”, “Overload”  all which were produced by Ari Baldurson.  Tiffany has also written the song “Fall from Heaven”. You can find Her music on Her YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/tiffanyblom  Tiffany learned acting in drama class in High School and has played the lead role of “Sonia” in Academia Nuts and  “Alice” in Alice in Wonderland.




Florin graduated Architecture College in 1994 but was attracted to film making and show business. He attended the Acting and ModelingTrades School in 1995 in Romania. Since then, he’s starred in TV commercials, print campaigns and diverse productions, hosted stage shows and tv shows.  Select film credits included; the lead “Sebastian” in Dark Betrayals, “a Vampire” in Mortal Instruments,  “Gregory” in Epitaph, “angry man” in Out of My Body. He played the role of the “Hangman  J.R.R. Radclive” and was the Director for The Cultured Criminal.


Florin won two actor awards for his role of Haydar in Daughter of the King.  Including a 2015 International Independent Film Festival – Silver Award Actor and a 2016 Mountain Film Festival Award for Best Actor.  



“Nadia Harrison”

Kelsea is a natural dramatic talent as well as an accomplished singer.  She co-wrote and sings lead vocals on the movie’s theme song “Daughter of the King”. Kelsea is studying at Western University for her BMus. Past film credits included “Margaret Cavanagh” in Captured for Good (NVP) as well as a project of her own that is in the works. Past theatre credits included; “Paige Walker” in Belles,  “Women at the Well” in Resurrected Daughter ,  “The Widow”  in Zorba!, “Old Master Merry thought” in Knight of the Burning Pestle, “Barbarina” in The Marriage of Figaro, “Diomedes” in Antony and Cleopatra, “William’s Mother” in Long Time Passing,  and  “Nancy” in Oliver!



Vincent can act, sing and play guitar. He has been the lead singer and lead guitarist in various bands for the last 20 years. He speaks English and French. Currently is learning Mandarina and Portuguese. He has enjoyed the opportunity to play Jeremy in this his debut feature film.



Tara Rowan who plays “Vixon” in Daughter of the King is extremely thrilled to be making her film debut. Tara has had the pleasure of performing with a Toronto based touring theatre company as the title charcter of “Snow White” in the musical production of Snow White. Other past credits include; “Cecily Pigeon” in Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, “Annie Davidson” in Warren L Robinson’s The Great Storm and “the woman” in Winter.  She has appeared in musical theatre productions such as AnnieA Chorus Line and Cinderella.  Tara enjoys incorporating her range of Dance training, received in association with the Royal Ballet of Canada, and her theatre training from Fanshawe College’s theatre arts program, which resulted in her co-writing and starring in Skirts in a Box in the 2009 London Fringe Festival.  She played the roles of “Hanna”, “Tessa” and “Jessica” within the productions. The gift of writing doesn’t stop at plays for Tara as she is an accomplished singer / song writer.




Judy is thrilled to be part of the cast of m & s Marshall Productions Daughter of the King. It is her first speaking role in a feature film. She has been an extra in Independent movie Ricky Lazio Jr. FBI and Saving Hope (TV Show).  She has an extensive theatre resume of productions. Stage credits included “Slave of the Ring”  in Aladdin, “May Ludlow Smiley” in Hearts Desire, “Sara Bellamy” in The Queen’s Upper Plate, “Truvy” in Steel Magnolias,  “Cynthia Maple” in Secondary Cause of Death, “Dorothy Foxton” in Murdered to Death, “Elaine Navazio” in Last of the red Hot Lovers,  “Nancy” in Never Judge a Book by its Cover,  “Amanda” in Dates and Margaritas, “Melissa Gardner” in Love Letters, “Jane” in Honourable Member, “Meg” in Crimes of the Heart, “Evelyn” in Evelyn Strange and “Amy” in Life without T.V.


Detective  Higgins”

Corina’s passion for the arts was ignited in grade one when she played Goldilocks in the Three Bears.  Her passion took her to Vancouver at twenty-one to study at Gastown Actors Studio where her class was the first graduating class of the two year full time program.  Corina played the role of the the “Counsellor Elizabeth” in m & s Marshall Productions 2013 independent dramatic film Addictions.  Other past credits included; The Ragman, Twelfth Night, Mad ForestElectra, Whose Life Is It Anyway?,  “The Vancouver Fringe Festival, 1995”; as well as, various directorial roles.  Corina has directed, co-wrote and produced a docu-drama called Even Me; which is the story of a young woman recruited into prostitution through addiction. Throughout the years Corina has directed and participated in many church productions and presently co-leads the “Creative Worship Ministry” at her church.



Nancy  has been a part of various productions. various roles as part  in productions for the end of year show cast at Rocky Mountain College and with the College Travelling Team.  Other highlight credits included  “Judas” in Judas Monologue and “Farmer’s Wife” & “Preacher’s Wife”  in Mennonite: Faith or Tradition?  Nancy is fluent in Spanish as well as German.




Alyssa loves Acting, Dance and Musical Theatre. She has been a part of various productions and shows in which she has been able to showcase her talent in all three areas. She has taken theatre and drama studies workshops and was part of the drama club in high School and Musical Theatre at Dance Extreme in London, Ontario.



“Mrs. Miller”

Patti has extensive experience in the Theatre and Film Industry including being a part of m & s Marshall Productions 2013 independent dramatic film Addictions playing the role of one of the board members.  Patti’s other film credits also included;  “Jeanie” in the TV series Surviving Evil, “A bartender” in Ed and the Awakening,  “Mom” in  My Mom Married Satan,   “a women/nurse” in Endless Reunion, “Waitress” Blind Dates Are For Losers and an extra in the TV series Alpha’s. Patti’s past theatre credits included; “Delores/Shirley” in Old Love, “Nurse” in Cupid’s Exchange, “Nora” in George F Walker’s Escape from Happiness, Val/Rosanna in WelfareWell,  “Vinny” in Forgiveness, “Miss Bermann” in Spring Awakenings and a role in The Three Sisters.Patti is Actress/ Model with Fulcher Agency and is a graduate of the Fanshawe Theatre Arts Program.




Jacky is a model / actress / musician from Southern Ontario, with  her most recent film credentials including her role in Western University’s “Upstander/Sexual Assault Awareness” video, and the lead in Grinbath Industries commercial feature.  Jacky has also recently been featured as a singer/drummer in the London-based charity opera, “Limitless with Limitations,” which has been produced in conjunction with the Canadian Ataxia Conference.  This is Jacky’s first  m & s Marshall Production, and  she is absolutely thrilled to have been a part of such a fantastic film.


“Judge” & 1st Assistant Director

Anne Carpenter has loved being part of Daughter of the King and the family it gave birth to. Some of my deepest moments of realization were on this film. She loves that director Matthew Marshall never wavers from his message…never.   Some of her notable credits include being Peggy Reece in Belles presented by Out of Sight Productions.  Print work and commercials for Pfizer, Shoppers Drug Mart, Hilton Hotels. Her favourite past parts included being in “Hades Factor” with Mira Sorvino and “Ms. L” in Rubin Hurricane Carter’s series This Could Happen to You. She was in Amelia with Richard Gere and Hilary Swank, Princes Margaret Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario commercials to name a few.  Anne was the co-composer of  the song Daughter of the King with Kelsea Meredith for the Daughter of the King film.



Don was born in Calgary, Alberta. After moving to West Lornein 2009, he took up acting in community theatre. His first role was as “Fred McNicoll” the hen-pecked husband in the West Elgin Dramatic Society (WEDS) production of Never Kiss A Naughty Nanny. Also with WEDS he played Clive in See How they Run. Don has done two plays at the Appin Dinner Theatre with SMAK ( Southwest Middlesex Acting Krew) first as the conniving butler “Jugg” in One For the Pot, then as “Brian Cody”, the owner of a one star motel in Hotbed Hotel. This is Don’s first role in a movie and he is thrilled to be part of Daughter of the King.



Fern Pridham is pleased to be included in this production. She also played a “Board Member” in m & s Marshall Productions independent dramatic film Addictions. Fern’s theatre experience includes; “Libby” in Opening Night, “Kitty in Old Love, “Jennifer” in Welfare-well, “Laurey” in Oklahoma, “Cowboy Trio” in Annie Get Your Gun, “Mrs Bradman” in Blithe Spirit, “Margaret” in Dead Men Don’t Bleed, andHolly” in An Act of The Imagination.



“Mr. Miller”

Michael is pleased to be included in this production. Previous film experience includes roles in Captured for Good and Theories.



“Drug Addict”

Even though her role was small Tabitha was very happy and proud to be a part of this production and looks forward to other projects with m & s Marshall productions in the future. Tabitha has been a part of other independent films including playing Theories and Wax and Water.

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