Editing of the short film Tuned In continues and is getting closer to a finish point. The story kicks off with a scene of Emma (Marley Cabral) saying no one understand what she is going through. She has been grounded from all electronic devices by her parents (played by Corina Leatherdale and Jamie Rainbird)  for break a house rule and having the phone at the dinner table.  Now the teenager is grounded to her room until she learns to get her priorities straight and learns the value of relationships. It’s a great ice breaker if you want to bring the device dependency issue to the table… and, the moral of the story is just breathtaking. The film is written by Matthew Marshall and made by m & s Marshall Productions and Productionmark.


Marshall feels the film will be finished with all the tweaks and add on’s to by the beginning to middle of July and then will decide how and where to premiere the short film. Also Marshall is excited to get the film into some festivals. Especially since there is some Canadian film festivals  that are open for entries either right now or will be very soon. Including one in London, Ontario and a couple in Toronto.  Marshall encourages people to make sure they “Stay Tuned” for the release and for them to “tune in” to the right station to find out more about the film!


To learn more about the film go to IMDb at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5655534/combined


Also check out the Tuned In Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tunedinmovie/

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