Malicious Attack continues to move along in filming as its director Matthew Marshall brought together a few of the cast to film a short segment that will be used in the big dance sequence featuring Katie Ostojic and Morgan Flanagan. While the two dance to a song called “The Storm” by Morgan Flanagan, images of the different characters will be over top showing events that each character is going through in dealing with the bullying that is happening to them.  The one featured on this day was a clip of Sara Gray who is pregnant teen at the school and is being bullied by Savanah. In the clip we see Sara struggling with what she is going through. While other students (Kyra Ramos, Serena Webber and Max Steinburg)


The short Film is about bullying and is being produced and directed by m & s Marshall Production co-owner Matthew Marshall. In association With IME films.  The film started principle filming in November  and then filmed two days in December before coming back at it for January. Marshall hopes to have more filming days very soon but it working around some scheduling conflicts.


Malicious Attack is about a 30 minute dramatic short film that focuses on the issue of bullying. The story that follows Naomi Spencer a teenager girl who is pushed to her limits by several girls at her High School who make her the target of their attacks. The relentless attacks come from three teenagers, Savannah White, and her friends Brittany De Silva and Avery Le Paige. Naomi’s best friend Macey Madison tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward.  The Attacks on Naomi continue until she is reaches a breaking point.


The cast of the film features some familiar faces including Katie Ostojic (Struggles Within & Tuned In) Morgan Flanagan (Struggles Within & Tuned In), Marley Cabral (Tuned In), Corina Leatherdale (Daughter of the King & Tuned In) Helena Rose (Tuned In) and Judy Cormier (Daughter of the King). Along with Tiandra Edwards the the cast features some other new fresh faces Elina Lattanzio, Mallaidh Pouti, Kailey Dennis, Dina Jasim and Ian James Smith.


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