The production team of the short indie film Malicious Attack about bullying filmed it’s second of multiple days during the month of March on Saturday March 18th. The second shoot focused on shots of it’s bully Savannah texting and messaging in acts of cyber bullying towards her main victim Naomi Spencer. Savannah is played by Elina Lattanzio.


Malicious Attack takes a twist on the traditional bullying story line as at its heart it is a ‘good girl gone bad’ due to being bullied. The bully of the story Savannah not only bullies the “outcast” Raven (April Booth), the “Pregnant Teen” Sara (Tiandra Edwards) and the “immigrant” Linda (Dina Jasim) but also your run of the mill sweet “good girl” Naomi (Katie Ostojic). Each of these characters has a different reaction and response to the bullying they experience. Naomi is the relentless target of the bullying by Savannah and her friends. Naomi’s best friend Macey (Morgan Flanagan) tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. The film gives lots of opportunity to discuss the issue of bullying and the reactions of those that are bullied.


When talking about the issue of bullying much of the cast of Malicious Attack relates in some way. Starting with Marshall. “I think we all have seen bullying in some form or another regardless of our ages. Everyone knows someone who has been bullied. It happens every day and it affects everyone”, says Marshall. The films Production Manager and co-producer Corrinne Wood brings even a more personal aspect to the film. “Having first hand witnessed bullying when I was younger, makes this film mean a lot to me. It has been an incredible journey, with an amazing cast and crew”, says Wood. But the issue of bullying goes beyond the creative team. It is at the core of the people playing the roles.  Marshall’s cast for the film is made up of mostly teenagers or students who have just moved on to post-secondary studies recently and have a very real perspective on the issue from a high school level.  “They get the issue and are or have been witness to the issue, some even firsthand”.  Katie Ostojic, offered these words about what teens need to know. “If you’re being bullied, you’re never alone and even though it can be scary to come forward, it’s always good to talk to someone you can trust. If you don’t have anyone you trust in your life there are many helplines available, surround yourself in positive people and healthy environments”. Morgan Flanagan offers these words, “bullying is something that touches home for everyone, and is a problem that should be faced head on. I hope this production can bring to light some of the issues people are experiencing”. The film’s bully Lattanzio has her figure of the pulse of the issue and the how it plays itself out in the movie. “This film is an excellent depiction of the culture that surrounds bullying, particularly in the school system. In spite of the numerous opportunities for different characters to intervene in the situation and stop Naomi’s persecution, she is ultimately left to endure the struggle alone. The changes that her character undergoes throughout the film are an unfortunate reality for many victims of bullying” says Lattanzio. April Booth who plays the role of Raven which is one of the girls that gets bullied offered this, “I really believe this film shows the extremes of bullying and what can happen if the bullied don’t speak up. In personal experience, I know the fear that can come with exposing bullies, but a lot worse can happen if you remain silent,” says Booth.  Dina Jasim who plays Linda, an immigrant who is bullied in the film offered her words on her experience with the issue and because of that her desire to be a part of the film. “I have seen people around me struggle with the effects of bullying in their lives. It is because of that I had the desire to be part of this film. I have a hope that through this film we can help bring a light to the issue of bullying as well as I can gain a better personal understand of what those who have been victims of bullying have gone through” says Jasim.


The cast and crew still have another four days of filming that will be happening in the remaining weeks of March and into first week of April that will make up a good portion of the film. “There is some very critical and dramatic scenes that will be filming in the coming weeks that will drive the message of the story home”, says Marshall. He is hoping community organizations will come on board to assist in various ways to get the message of bullying in the film out into the community.


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