Filming of the short film Malicious Attack about bullying continues to march towards the end of principle photography as another two scenes were completed in St Thomas Ontario. These scenes dealt with the character of Linda Tai (played by Dina Jasim) in the bathroom reflecting on the bullying she has endured at the hands of Savannah (Elina Lattanzio) and more recently the bullying that Naomi (Katie Ostojic) has started to do to her as well. Linda is asking “Why Me”, a question that many who are bullied ask.  Linda is a recent immigrant to Canada and is trying to adjust to her new life, in a new country, in a new school and a different language with people with different ways of doing things. The adjustments in themselves are over whelming. But she is also dealing with the many hurtful things that are being done to her and said to her.  Linda now stands in the bathroom reflecting on all that she has been through and considering taking her life. Would anyone miss her? Does she have any value? Would the world be a better place without her? Things have got so bad for Linda that she is on anti-depressants. The two scenes take place in what is Linda’s home bathroom and focus on her grappling with the feelings she is dealing with and trying to decide what to do and what is going to help make her feel better. Trying to decide what will best end the pain she is feeling. A pain that is consuming her. “It’s a scene that I think a lot of people especially teens will relate to” says Matthew Marshall the film’s director, writer and co-producer. Marshall is the co-owner of the lead production company producing the production m & s Marshall Productions.  “Anyone who is lost or hurting regardless of culture or background will relate to these scenes in a personal way” says Marshall.  All the factors of the life of this character have all come crushing in on her and she is drawing close to a breaking point within these scenes. “Linda has lost her way and any hope that things can get better. She is to a point that she is even thinking of using more than the prescribed dose and try to end her life that way”, says Marshall about the scenes that were filmed.


Dina Jasim who plays the role of Linda, herself is an immigrant to Canada and also is training to be a nurse in Fanshawe-Western Nursing Program. She has seen firsthand in her life and in her training the mental effects of bullying on a person.  “I have seen people around me struggle with the effects of bullying in their lives. It is because of that I had the desire to be part of this film. In a hope of helping bring a light to the issue of bullying.”  Jasim offers some insight into her character and what the bullying can do to a person.   “Words can hurt deeper than we think. They get into our bodies like a disease, slowly affect our brains and hearts” says Jasim. She goes on to reflect about the character of Linda. “Words sometimes cut deeper than a knife, and can stay in one’s mind forever. Linda feels like this world is too small for her, she feels like she is in a crowded room feeling lonely. She is living with toxic thoughts, fighting inside of her brain because of words that have been said to her. She is mentally overwhelmed and sick on the inside.  All the while she is hiding it from people around her while living with it. Losing her hope and herself esteem,” says Jasim.


Marshall feels too often words are used to destroy people through rumours and hurtful things that are said. “Words are used to break people down, to destroy them or to destroy their reputation.  Often people say hurtful things for nothing more than to use people as stepping stones to build themselves up.  Why can’t we use our words to build people up and build something better through positive discussion and communication” says Marshall.


Marshall, along with Jasim and the rest of his cast of Malicious Attack are working on the film about bullying to stand up for those that are hurt by the issue and to bring it into the light and start a discussion between people of all different backgrounds about bullying. Those that bully, hurt their victims in all kinds of different ways. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Through the characters in the film that endure bullying, Marshall hopes the story can help people step forward and share what they have been through and together people can stand up against bullying.


Filming continues during the rest of May and into the first half of June. Locations for remaining scenes will included scenes filmed in St Thomas and London. cast features Katie Ostojic, Morgan Flannagan, Elina Lattanzio, Marley Cabral and Helena Rose


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