The newest segment of the short film Struggles With to be filmed started with a bight entrance by talented actress Morgan Flanagan who is playing the character of hope in the short film that is told by dance. In this segment the character comes to try and pick up the pieces of the defeated main character of the girl played by Flanagan’s good friend Katie Ostojic. Ostojic feels “The story about overcoming demons and finding hope.” It is one that Ostojic says she knows well and she is honoured to tell the story through the art dance which she loves.  Flanagan adds “having hope changes everything”. The two danced magically through the entire sequence in a light on their feet style of ballet.


The independent short film  is tackling the issue of depression through dance. It is an emotional look at young women’s struggle with depression, and her choice as to whether she wants to continue to live.


Struggles Within written and directed by Corrinne Wood and is a co-production with Chatham based IME Films and m & s Marshall Productions.  The short film is told entirely through dance with no words.  The final of the four dance segments is to be filmed tomorrow at a remote location in St Thomas and will feature Ostojic and Flanagan again, along with Camryne Quinn who plays Depression. the segement of Hope was also choreographed by Quinn.

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