Helena Rose Actress



Actress Helena Rose and m & s Marshall Productions co-owner Matthew Marshall are collaborating on a new short script. The title has not been officially decided. But the lead character will be Helena Rose.


Rose has worked with Marshall on a few productions under the m & s Marshall productions banner including being part of Tuned In and Malicious Attack. She also worked with Marshall on IME Film’s  In Limbo and Summer of Discovery.


The script will deal with various social issues including mental illness and domestic abuse as well as various social causes which Marshall is famous for in his scripts. Rose will play a nurse who is struggling in her marriage in this newest film.


Helena has a graduate diploma in Theater Performance. She has been a part of a number of short films.  Credits in those films include: Whitney in In Limbo, Alicia Turner in Malicious Attack, Candy in Summer of Discover, Medical Attendant in Ronny’s Bench, Karla in Zenno, a Towns Women in Black Donnellys, a “Student” and “Radio Announcer #2″ in Tuned In, Layla in My Mother and Fair Eee Godmother in Faire Thee Hunger.  Stage roles included Been Wendla in Spring Awakening, Titania in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Mother in Byrthrite.


No date is set for pre-production or even production as of yet. But Marshall did tease that some other familiar faces may show up in this newest film.

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