It has been official announced by m & s Marshall Productions that Helena Rose will be the lead actress in the newest film that award winning director Matthew Marshall will be making in the coming year.  She will play the role of Kaitlyn Butler a woman who is a nurse, who is struggling with a multitude of emotional and mental issues.  She has a broken marriage that she is not sure can be put back together.


The script for the short film will deal with various social issues including mental illness and domestic abuse as well as various social causes which Marshall is famous for in his scripts.  Rose is the co-writer of the script with Marshall.  Rose has worked with Marshall on a few productions under the m & s Marshall Productions banner and also worked with Marshall on two IME Film’s.


Helena Rose has a graduate diploma in Theater Performance from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  Her credits in short films included  Those credits include: Whitney in “In Limbo”, Alicia Turner in Malicious Attack, Candy in Summer of Discover, Medical Attendant in Ronny’s Bench, Karla in Zenno, a Towns Women in Black Donnellys, a “Student” and “Radio Announcer #2″ in Tuned In, Layla in My Mother and Fair Eee Godmother in Faire Thee Hunger.  Stage roles included Been Wendla in Spring Awakening, Titania in A Midsummer Nights Dream and Mother in Byrthrite.


Rose looks forward to playing this every deep and complex role which will stretch her as an actress. ‘I am very excited to get to play this character. The role will be very challenging and I am very much looking forward to it”, says Rose.


The film will go into principle production some time in 2018. Filming is to take place in St Thomas and London. With the possibility of some scenes in Chatham. Exact schedule has not been set. The rest of the cast is currently be Auditioned for by m & s Marshall Productions.  Interested parties can apply at


Applications are now being accepted through apply to Stage 32 or submitting resume and head shot to  Those applying should share a link to a rehearsed and recorded Audition monologue which has been posted on You Tube or Vimeo for the casting team to preview.


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