Dynamic Inter-Generational Film Group  or iFilmGroup for short, can be found online on the web at https://ifilmgroup.org/  The group has launched it’s Facebook page and is gearing up for the new year to raise funds for its two scheduled films.

iFilmGroup is an inter-generational group with a program to bring youth and seniors together to make award winning films. The group’s vision is to network the two generations with their various skills and talents together as the different generations transition the journey of life.

The group focuses on Multi-generational relationship building and mentoring. Learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations.

The Groups Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1871468523165141/

They have two dramatic productions slated for the New Year. One is called Blue Love and the second is called Not Ready. Look for further updates on events, workshops and productions by this group.

More information on the film group can be found at https://ifilmgroup.org/

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