The independent production company m & s Marshall Productions that brought you such films as Daughter of the King and the short film Tuned in is looking for a very speciafic cast member for it’s newest short film Malicious Attack about Bullying. ┬áThe film’s director Matthew Marshall is looking for an actress to play a pregnant teenager as part of short film. How this role fits into the greater plot of this short film about Bullying Marshall will not disclose but he did say it was a flexable role that could go from being a small role to something more of a focus within the production depending on the individual that applied to play the role. Filming for the role would take place for Malicious Attack on Wednesday December 28th in London Ontario. Age range 16 to 22 yrs of age. Must look like a teenager. He is open to e-mail’s personal message or facebook messages. E-mail him at at Please send any acting experience and headshot

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