London, Ontario based m & s Marshall Productions is seeking extra’s from London/St Thomas/ Chatham for the upcoming new hour long dramatic film “Blue Love”.  The production company is co-owned by the film’s director Matthew Marshall. Marshall is an award winning director known for his films that take on social issues and social justice. This newest film is no different. Marshall’s films have won 79 awards. 


Blue Love will star a familiar face from a few of Marshall’s films Helena Rose. She was part of Tuned In and Malicious Attack. For this new film she will star as the lead character Kaitlyn Butler. Rose is also co-writer with Marshall.  “Blue Love” is a 1hr dramatic film about young woman named Kaitlyn searching to find true love in her life.  She endures domestic violence and has her life spin out control. She struggles to overcome and come to grips with mental and emotional issues from events that have happened to her.


 Marshall and his company are working in association with iFilmGroup, an inter-generational film organization on the film. The role of iFilmGroup with the project is to bring on young actors and crew to be mentored withing the process of the making of the film.

The production team is seek non-equity actors to play the roles of extra in various scenes during the film. These roles are for both female and male with an age range of 12 -99.  Filming will take place in London and St Thomas area during the time frame of April to July 2018.  The production is ethic inclusive and wishes to have a diverse cast representing a cross culture of the area.


Extra’s are needed for various scenes including: 

NURSES for HOSPITAL/CLINIC SCENES:  Males & Females 18 to 65 yrs of age

PEDESTRIANS & PEOPLE ON STREET – Males & Females 16 to 99 yrs of age

WEDDING GUEST: Males & Females 12 to 99 yrs of age

CHURCH CONGREGATIONAL MEMBER: Males & Females 12 to 99 yrs of age

MEDICAL WAITING ROOM PATIENT: Males & Females 15 to 99 yrs of age


For further Information or to apply Contact Matthew at

apply at

More information about the film can be found at

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