The short indie film Malicious Attack will be filming the school yard fight scenes between two of the main characters on Saturday April 1st 2017. The short film deals with the issue of bullying and these scenes are where one of the victims of bullying stands up to the bully.


The film is produced under the banner of m & s Marshall Productions, in association with IME Films and takes a twist on the traditional bully story line as at its heart it is a ‘good girl gone bad’ due to being bullied. The bully of the story Savannah not only bullies the “outcast” Raven (played by April Booth), the “Pregnant Teen”, Sara (Played by Tiandra Edwards)  and the “immigrant” in Linda (played by Dina Jasim). But Savannah does not stop there, she also bullies your run of the mill sweet “good girl” Naomi Spencer (Katie Ostojic).  Each of these characters has a different reaction and response to the bullying they experience. Naomi is the relentless target of the bullying by Savannah. Naomi’s best friend Macey (Morgan Flanagan) tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. The Attacks on Naomi continue till she is pushed to a breaking point.


The films director and writer Matthew Marshall offers this on the topic of bullying in the film, “I think we all have seen bullying in some form or another regardless of our ages. Everyone knows someone who has been bullied. It happens every day and it affects everyone. This story gives lots of opportunity to discuss the issue of bullying and the reactions of those that are bullied” says Marshall.


It is the hope of the entire cast and crew that the film will teach audiences why bully awareness does not only refer to awareness in the public eye. “ Bullying awareness means awareness of specific incidents to authority figures, awareness of bystanders in their role and awareness of the bullies themselves of the potential gravity of their actions”, says Lattanzio


Filming will take place in London Ontario.  If some one is interested in being a part of the film they can go to stage 32 and apply at or join the Facebook event page at

For more information contact and refer to seeing this blog.



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