Matthew Marshall and the m & s Marshall Production team have started on the journey of making the dramatic film Blue love which follows the story of a Kaitlyn who is a woman struggling with a poisonous marriage, enduring domestic violence, anxiety, depression, coping with the stress of being a nurse, facing the birth of a child and trying to overall hold her life together.  The lead actress is Helena Rose, a London based actress. “the role is deep and complex. It gives us a view into the world of a woman who is helping to heal people through her profession but is broke herself”,  says Rose.  The story line written by Marshall and Rose has pushed the topic of Nurses and what their lives are like. How do the people who look after the sick balance their professional lives as well as the personal matters that they deal with. Marriage, children


It has brought forward a challenge for Marshall and his team. They want to interview nurses and ask the questions of how they do it?  What’s it like to be a nurse… and be in a bad marriage, be pregnant, deal with depression, be a single parent. Being a male nurse in a female dominated field of work. These and many more are the questions the team is looking to explore in one on one interviews.


The production team in conjunction with the film want nurses willing to be on camera to talk about what a day in the life of being a nurse is like. The trials and tribulations of what life is like.  For any nurse interested please contact Matthew and give him a brief outline of what position in nursing you do, what areas or questions your looking to want to discuss and are willing to talk about. If you are interested in both video as well as written summaries and a picture of yourself in your scrubs for promotion.  Matthew can be contacted at

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