Film Maker Matthew Marshall is putting the final touches on the cast of his newest short film about bullying called Malicious Attack.  He has teased with a release of a few cast members but the entire cast will be announced soon. The film is being produced under his company m & s Marshall Production.


Marshall is moving production of the film until spring to give himself some relaxation time after he has had a busy summer and fal. He is coming off some huge success with his previous films. Tuned In his short film dealing with cell phones, family and personal relationships has won twenty-one awards and has four official showings at film festivals around the word since it’s release in August 2016.  Awards included “Best of Festival” and “Best Short”, along with five other awards at the Bakker International Film Festival in Blenheim, Ontario.  The film also won “Best Mini Film”, “Best Message”, The “Family Award” as well as nine other awards at the Christian Online Film Festival.  Most recently Tuned in won “Best message” at the Top Indie Film Awards. Along with that, Marshall’s feature film Daughter of the King finishes festivals having won 32 Awards, 16 Official Selections, 3 Nominations and an Official Finalist at world-wide film festivals.


After wrapping production in September, post production of the Short film Struggles Within written and directed by Corrinne Wood about depression through dance has begun. Marshall was co-producer and Production Manager on the film. Buzz in the community has already begun about this film with it’s artistic look at depression and mental illness.


Now Marshall turns his attention to his newest short film Malicious Attack which will be filmed in the spring 2017. The cast features a number of familiar local names from Marshall previous productions including; Katie Ostojic (Tuned In , Struggles Within), Morgan Flanagan (Tuned In, Struggles Within), Marley Cabral (Tuned In), Corina Leatherdale (Daughter of the King, Tuned In, Struggles Within), Elina Lattanzio (Struggles Within), Helena Rose (Tuned In), Judy Cormier ( Daughter of the King)

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