The cast and crew of Malicious Attack wrapped the second day of filming in a local high School. This second day brought back a smaller cast as only the main speaking roles were back for the second day of filming. The location was again the London District Christian High School which is serving as the location for the high school in the script.


The scenes for this second day were some hallway scenes. some of the actually bullying scenes and then scenes that take place in the offices and the principals office.


The short Film is about bullying and is being produced and directed by m & s Marshall Production co-owner Matthew Marshall. The film started principle filming in November and then has been waiting for a seasonal change as well as to get the holidays out of the way for cast and crew. Following the end of Christmas and taking advantage of the students being on holidays over the break Marshall and his company took the opportunity to move production forward.  The day before had saw a main cast of over 20 plus over 20 extra’s all filming at the school. Marshall was happy for the second day to move into a little small group of people to work with.  


Malicious Attack is about a 25 minute dramatic short film that focuses on the issue of bullying. The story that follows Naomi Spencer a teenager girl who is pushed to her limits by several girls at her High School who make her the target of their attacks. The relentless attacks come from three teenagers, Savannah White, and her friends Brittany De Silva and Avery Le Paige. Naomi’s best friend Macey Madison tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. . The Attacks on Naomi continue until she is reaches a breaking point.


The cast of the film features some familiar faces including Katie Ostojic (Struugles Within & Tuned In) Morgan Flanagan (Struggles Within & Tuned In), Marley Cabral (Tuned In), Corina Leatherdale (Daughter of the King & Tuned In) Helena Rose (Tuned In) and Judy Cormier (Daughter of the King). It also features some new fresh talented faces Elina Lattanzio, Mallaidh Pouti, Kailey Dennis, Tiandra Edwards, and Ian James Smith


Filming will continue in the early part of 2017. The film can be found on IMDb at


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