Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Productions announced the newest member of the Malicious Attack cast and it’s a very familiar face. Marshall has brought back Marley Cabral, lead from his Award winning short film Tuned In. She will play the role of Brittany De Silva an associate of the lead bully Savannah White.


Marley Cabral has already won an acting award for her role as Emma in Tuned In. She is a native of London, Ontario is an up and coming actress that is passionate about craft.  Previous roles included the lead role of “Emma” in the award winning short film Tuned In. Other past acting roles included  being a part of a number of Original Kids Theatre Company productions including  “Green Girl in Shout, “Billy” inHonk, “Daughter” in Pirates of Penzance Jr, and  “Lulu” in The Best Haunted House Ever, “Camilla” in Starmites and “Women #1” in Trojan Women.  She has played a student in the short film Crucified and also a student in the TV series Kids Town.


Malicious Attack is about a 25 minute dramatic short film that focuses on the issue of bullying. The story that follows Naomi Spencer a teenager girl who is pushed to her limits by several girls at her High School who make her the target of their attacks. The relentless attacks come from three teenagers, Savannah White, and her friends Brittany De Silva and Avery Le Paige. Naomi’s best friend Macey tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. . The Attacks on Naomi continue until she is reaches a breaking point. Principle production is to start late fall and work into March and April of 2017.


The film can be found on IMDB and you can view the films page at

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