As the book closes on another year Matthew Marshall looks back at the achievements and accomplishments within the films he has made and what his production company of m & s Marshall productions has done this past year. He also looks forward at projects that need to be wrapped up as well as new opportunities and ventures that look promising for 2018.


2017 saw the continued success of Marshall short film Tuned in. about cell phones. It closes the year with 40 awards 22 Official Selections, 4 nominations, 2 finalist and 2 semi Finalist awards.  It is now Marshall top film ever for awards and has led to the reaching of 40 awards by a film for the first time in his career. Tuned in has a few more opportunities to top the 40 awards mark with a few more festivals in 2018.


Spring of 2017 saw the wrapping of filming of Marshall 30 minute dramatic film about bullying Malicious Attack. Marshall had hoped that it would have been edited before the close of 2017 but that remains a solid goal going into 2018.  Some other projects as well as some matters have prevented it from being finished but Marshall is very confident that will be fixed in 2018 and the film will be finished.


Summer of 2017 saw the filming of the IME feature film Summer of Discovery in which Marshall was one of the producers on as well as Assistant Director. The summer also saw the creation of iFilmGroup which Marshall co-founded with Don Hickey. They continue to develop it and feel that will be one of the bright spots going into 2018 as they grow the group and expand it.


2017 also brought much discussion and ideas for a new script called Blue Love. Marshall closed out writing with Actress Helena Rose and they have a solid script that is almost finished that will be the corner stone of Marshall Production work in 2018. Rose has come on board to co-produce the film and also will play the lead role of Kaitlyn Butler. The New Year will feature auditions and casting calls for the film with the hope of filming ion spring of 2018.


Late in 2017 Marshall took on helping to address some enhancements of the short film Struggles Within that he helped produce and was assistant Director on. He is hoping with the new dramatic shots that have been filmed and some more that he is looking to do that it will bring to life the film and help be a light to those suffering with depression.


Marshall is very optimistic heading into 2018 and all that might be in story. He encourages people to stay close and see what the New Year holds from a film production perspective.

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