Award winning director and co-owner of m & s Marshall productions, Matthew Marshall joined forces with some familiar faces in making of the short film “In Limbo” . HE worked with the IME Film’s team as a crew member with a number of the same people he has worked with on a number of films recently including Struggles Within, Ronny’s Bench, Summer of Discovery and Malicious Attack. ¬†It also gave him an opportunity to work with two very talented cast members that he is familiar with that were the stars of the film. The duo in front of the camera was Helena Rose, a familiar face with m & s Marshall productions. She made a short appearance in Tuned In as well as was the one radio announcer’s voice. She also played a role of Alicia Turner in Malicious Attack and has the role in the new feature film Summer of Discovery that is filming over the summer. The other cast member is Donald Hickey, who was the lead from Ronny’s Bench.


the film includes a very beautiful shot at the end of the cast members walking along at sun set. The reason why? well Marshall says “You will have to check out the film when it comes out.” ¬†Marshall did go on to say that the two cast members combine for a very emotional performance in this newest short film by the IME team. Look for it to be released in later 2017.

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