Co-owner of m & s Marshall productions and award winning director and film maker Matthew Marshall will be stepping away from his top positions in 12 Disciples and his company to become a member of crew for a feature film being shot in St Thomas, Ontario by Meg Howald of Gypsy Cob Studio Films and in Mason Buchko of Court Films. The Film is called Gold Fish Bowl and will be filming principally in St Thomas and London Ontario.


Meg Howald is the writer and director of film.  Howald is an art history and creative writing prof at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and has lived in three provinces, and two continents. And of course, by the hemlines of the Aegean, the Bay Fundy, the St. Lawrence, and the Great Lakes.  Meg is represented by Solstice Publishing that has released Meg’s first two e-Novels:  Are But Shadows and Expatriate Bones.  In the fall, 2013 Solstice is releasing her third novel, The Drowning of Margaret Hannah.  She describes her novels as socio-psychological mysteries, teased by fate and haunted by irony.


Gold Fish Bowl starts on an ordinary evening before dinner, Mara Winter (Tanisha Sinclair) snaps for seventeen seconds of uncontrolled rage.  Targeting Derek Winter  (Christopher Golovchenko), the narcissistic husband,  her mechanized fingers reach around his neck and tighten.  The Goldfish Bowl is about Mara Winter finding her way past that night of family violence through therapy with Dr. Hart Cane, an unorthodox psychologist, and coming face to face with her own mannequin existence.


Mara Winter  is everyone who struggles for freedom in an apartheid life.  She asks herself, “How did I ever get to this intersection – you know the one, where sanity runs north and south and insanity east and west.  And I hung a left and went west for seventeen seconds of pure madness.”   Even though she malfunctions within the walls of her fish bowl existence, she swims a marathon upstream earning the right to laugh and love while doing it.


The film will start production around June 10th and will be filming during June and into July at various locations in St Thomas and London.  Along with being a part of this crew Marshall is continuing to work on post production on his latest short film Tuned In under the banner of 12 Disciples in association with Productionmark and m & s Marshall Productions. This Christian short film was written by Marshall and stars Marley Cabral out of London as Emma a teenager that break house rules having her cell phone at the dinner table and is grounded by her parents played by Corina Leatherdale and Jamie Rainbird. The theme of the film is Are You Listening?

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