Award winning film maker and director Matthew Marshall has been named to the film making panel that will be doing an interview to the public attending. “it’s an honour to be a part of this panel” Marshall says about the opportunity. Marshall has a couple of films in the Chatham-Kent film Festival this year. He has his award winning short film about relationships and cell phones in Tuned in which is an official selection and is nominated for some awards at the festival. It was produced under his company banner of m & s Marshall Productions. He also has his newest released film Struggles Within as an official selection in the festival. It will be the films official premiere. It was a co-production between m & s Marshall Productions and IME Films. The film is told entirely through dance and is about a young woman facing depression (played by Katie Ostojic) and trying to cope with it. The film is her struggle to overcome it and deals with the topic of if she wants to end her life and commit suicide or will she find the strength to learn to deal with this serious mental health issue. There is also two other films that Marshall has worked on in Ronny’s Bench and Flashback who are in the festival.


The festival will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and runs from 11am to 10pm. This marks the return of the much anticipated Chatham-Kent Film Festival! The festival ran for 2 years from 2013-2014, and now makes its return. Hopefully bigger and better than ever. More information about the festival can be found on the web site at


Marshall feels that it will be a good day of Film makers talking to each other and enjoying some good Canadian films. Marshall of course is still in production for his newest film malicious Attack about Bullying. It is his hope that the film will be finished for the fall for the start of the new film festival season and also the bullying awareness week.  But till then he is going to take in this years season and the success of his films at a southwestern Ontario Film Festival. “it’s nice to be recognized in your own backyard” says Marshall.

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