Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Productions has entered into an agreement with two other film companies to promote seniors working with Youth in a mentoring style program. It will high how seniors on the various productions that the companies are making help to mentor youth and pass along the skills they know. Although the production team has many people part of it that are not seniors but people on their journey of life the focus is still seniors helping Youth. As part of this partnership m & s Marshall Productions along with the two other companies will be using Don Hickey as a community Engagement Manager who will be going out to speak to organizations and groups who may be interested in supporting the productions either through funds or locations. Also He will be engaging in the community and schools to find people that may want to be a part of the cast or crew of the productions. Hickey is the owner of one of the other companies which is Splash Pad Productions.


Marshall brings his 25 years of working on Productions as well as his resume of films to the new joint effort. The group together has done 17 plus films, has over 80 awards in film making from those films. As well as over 30 Official Selections in festivals around the world.


The mission and vision of this partnership is to be Multi-generational relationship building and mentoring. The vision is to network the different generations of skills and talents as the different generation’s transition the journey of life. The group has a good solid inter-generational program with youth and seniors making award winning films.  The team will be helping the people involved to developing life skills that enrich all ages. The real focus is to see learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations.


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