Award winning director and co-owner of m & s Marshall Productions Matthew Marshall has been named the director of a new short film called “Not Ready” written by Donald M. Hickey. The short will deal with a man that has cancer and does not have long to live. The man is reflecting on his life and family as he tries to prepare for his impending death. The leading role of the man will be played by Hickey.  Marshall has previously worked with Hickey on Ronny’s Bench in which Hickey was the writer and lead actor in the film. Marshall was also on crew for the film “In Limbo” which Hickey played one of the two roles in the film.  Marshall looks forward to working with Hickey on the film. The two have become closer with the films and while working together on the newly formed Inter-generational film group and also Hickey is Community Engagement Manager at which does PR work for Marshall’s production company.


The cast of “Not Ready” will also feature some familiar faces from Marshall’s various other productions including Helena Rose and Max Steinberg. Helena Rose has been part of a number of productions with Marshall and also two films with Hickey. She acted opposite Hickey in In Limbo and was also part of Ronny’s Bench.  Rose has recently be cast as the lead in “Blue Love” a script that Marshall and her co-wrote.  Marshall will also be directing her in that film.  Other productions she has been a part of with an association to Marshall included; Tuned In, Malicious Attack, Summer of Discovery. Max Steinberg was part of Marshall bullying Film Malicious Attack and also was in Summer of Discovery.  More cast for the new “Not Ready” will be chosen in the near future when casting call and Auditions are held.


“I look forward to the film and working with the three talented people I know and have worked with that have already cast. I also am excited to see who the others are that will be coming on board in the near future”, says Marshall when talking about the cast for the film.

The film is slated to go into production in early spring.

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