Tuned In’s award winning director Matthew R Marshall has added his another director’s award to his trophy cast and added the 22nd  award for his short film Tuned In.  The award came from the Madhouse Movie Film Festival and it is Marshall second award from the festival in two years. Giving him back to back “Best Director” awards from the festival.

This award follows after the film recently receiving its 7th Official Selection from the festival a week or so earlier.  This is Marshall’s 3rd director’s award for the film so far. When asked about the win Marshall offered this, “it is nice to recognized for my efforts in making films. Especially by the same festival two years in a row. I feel humbled that I can do what I love and be rewarded for it.”


The Madhouse Movies Film Festival (MMFF) is an arts institution in constant progression and which inspires, educates and entertains through its annual film celebration and year-round event, community outreach and social awareness through our film festival, while also supporting and cultivating the film industry of International and Worldwide and making an economic impact on all regions.


MMFF is an entertaining and educational year-round entity. Already well-known for its annual film festival, MMFF is operated as a film industry venture and continually upholds its mission to provide year-long support for film screening, production, and education globally.


Tuned In follows the story of Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table, gets grounded until she learns to get her priorities straight and learns the value of relationships.

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