Starthroy actress Maysee Mclean turned in an impressive and riveting performance this past weekend while filming footage for one of the films she was cast in. McLean was cast in January to film some of the new dramatic footage for the short film Struggles Within which is in the middle of some reworking of footage.  The film was release in Chatham in early 2017 after a year of filming and editing.  The response from the audience was a bit of confusion to the film that is told entirely through dance and music.

The creative team behind the film has been trying to figure out how to better explain the issue of depression through dance without words. The productions co-producer and Production Manager Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions finally put the words on it. “The film is like depression. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain. From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand. “

The team filmed some footage in December and Marshall has been gathering other clips from ideas that he has brainstormed. In January when Auditions were held Marshall was looking for someone that could bring that extra special touch to help be a dramatic actress that would help tell the story through images.


He found that in Maysee McLean, who when she auditioned in January actually landed three roles from her very intense and multi layer audition. Marshall and his iFilmGroup co-founder Don Hickey were impressed with the performance of McLean during auditions. But her talent does not surprise them. “She blew us away in Auditions. She is here because of her talent” says Marshall.


The filming was of shots that hopefully will better explain and express the theme of depression in the film. Marshall does not want to reveal much of what was shot because many of the shots speak for themselves on what the meaning is behind them. he wants to wait for the films second release to let people see what has been done. But he was very happy with McLean’s performance. As for McLean, she enjoyed her first film shoot. “Had such a great time filming on Saturday. It was such a cool experience. I can’t wait to be a part of some other awesome projects” says McLean.

It will not be long before she gets that opportunity. She will have a supporting role in “Blue Love” playing a role called “Piper”. More is on the horizon for Miss McLean as both Hickey and Marshall have some more ideas for the teenager for the near future. Blue Love will begin production in April and May of 2018.

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