Meaning of Christmas (Original)

Production Pictures

Alan nativity bible reading Jen & Kris Jen crying K Worthy Kris & Jen Kristan Marcia talking Meaning cast Production Photo Pulpit Rev and Jen K back Rev and Kris talk Reverend Tom cleaning Tom talking K 2 Tom talking to K Weaving life Karlee Dowell Marcia De Deckere Tom Jeffery


Karlee won the 2009 Christian Dramatic Production Award for best actress for her role of Kristan in the production Meaning of Christmas by m & s Marshall Productions. Karlee is a very talented singer, dancer and actress that has been performing in all three areas for years. She has become a triple threat in order to do more of her passion of Musical Theatre. Karlee has furthered her education in the arts by attended Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Her past shows include: Roxie/club singer in “The Sting“, Ursula Towers in “The night No One Died“, Annie in “Annie“, Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz“, The Cat in “Cat in the Hat“, Dove in “Mother Goose Caper” and Indian/Mrs Darling in “Peter Pan“. She has also had smaller roles in “Les Miserables“, “Cinderella” and “Mr. Scrooge“. She has performed in various concerts, both as a solo singer and also within a choir.


Alan Legg has had the pleasure of working with m & s Marshall Productions on a number of productions. He enjoys the chance to work with the multi-gifted and talented director Matthew Marshall. Alan played the role of the Reverend in the original production of Meaning of Christmas which was first done as a play in 2008 and later released to DVD in 2009. The role of the Reverend won Alan a Christian Dramatic Production Award for best actor in 2009. Alan played the role of the Head Officer in Walk to the Cross with m & s Marshall Productions. He then reprised his role of the Reverend in the remount of Meaning of Christmas in 2010.  In his role as Gerald Drimmond in “There Goes The Bride“, he won the WODL 2011 Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor. Alan has remained active in local theatre and has played many parts over the years. He has appeared at the Elgin Theatre Guild, Aylmer Community Theatre, London Community players and the Capital Theatre. Alan feels that it has been a joy and a pleasure for him to work with Matthew and the many other truly talented and gifted cast and crew of the productions he has worked on with m & s Marshall Productions.


Marcia is an avid theatre enthusiast and a multi talented performer. Marcia is a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts Program. She has a long list of shows and productions she has been a part of. Theatre credits included; Sadie Munro in “The Walking on Water“, Paulina, in “The Winter’s Tale“, Wilhelmina Murray in “Dracula“, Geraldine in “Autumn Blooming“, Mary Snow in “Saltwater Moon“, Nikki Crandall in “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940″ and Evillene in “The Wiz“. She has been a part of several film and video/DVD productions. Two in which she has worked with Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Productions. First in the Award winning play/DVD production Meaning of Christmas in which she played the role of Jennifer. She also played the lead Dr. Christine Johnson in the Play and  DVD production Walk to the Cross with m & s Marshall Productions. Other films include “Unique Identity“, “Infatuated” and “Mr Amour“.


Tom is a farm boy and proud of it. He has lived on the family farm near Appin nearly all his life. His church life began at Appin Presbyterian Church and later at Guthrie, Melbourne. Many Ministers have had an effect on his Christian Life. He has worked with the Sunday School, been a clerk of Session, an Elder, Pastor at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Port Stanley and the Moderator of Presbytery of London for two terms. In 2008 Tom was part of a Youth Mission that went to the east coast to teach Vacation Bible School. Tom was involved in several skits the youth’s put on in various churches and group homes.

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