Meaning of Christmas (Remount)

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Jenn-mono-K-in-back Jennifer Jo-&-kristan Jo-janitor Jo-talking-to-Kristan Kris-&-Rev-weaves Kristan Kristan2 Meaning-Cast Rev-talking-to-Jenn rev-turn-mary Rev-&-Kristan Alan Legg Cynthia Breadner Hannah Vanden Boomen Paige Gunning Stephanie Klassen


Hannah was very excited to be cast in and be a part of her first m & s Marshall Production. She is a very talented actress with great passion and depth of her craft. Past stage credits include: Yellow Girl in “Shout! The Mod Musical“; Che in “Evita“; Mrs. Sharp in “Tales of Terror from Nightmare Highschool“; Betty Blast in “Footloose“; and the Teacher in “The Visit“. She was part of the musical theatre program at H.B. Beal Secondary School where she performed in their production of “Fame“and played Mme. Reyer in “The Phantom of the Opera”. Past film credits include: Trudy in “Harmony” and the role of Inside in “Inside, Outside“. Hannah can sing as well as play various musical instruments including trumpet, guitar and violin. Hannah plans to pursue Dramatic Arts in post secondary school. She would like to thank her family for their unconditional love and support and the friends that have helped shape her. She would most importantly like to thank Matthew Marshall for taking a bold chance in his decision to cast her as Kristan Banks.


Alan Legg has had the pleasure of working with m & s Marshall Productions on a number of productions. He enjoys the chance to work with the multi-gifted and talented director Matthew Marshall. Alan played the role of the Reverend in the original production of Meaning of Christmas which was first done as a play in 2008 and later released to DVD in 2009. The role of the Reverend won Alan a Christian Dramatic Award for best actor in 2009. Alan also played the role of the Head Officer in Walk to the Cross with m & s Marshall Productions. He then reprised his role of the Reverend in the encore run of Meaning of Christmas in 2010. In his role as Gerald Drimmond in “There Goes The Bride“, he won the WODL 2011 Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor. Alan has remained active in local theatre and has played many parts over the years. He has appeared at the Elgin Theatre Guild, Aylmer Community Theatre, London Community players and the Capital Theatre. Alan feels that it has been a joy and a pleasure for him to work with Matthew and the many other truly talented and gifted cast and crew of the productions he has worked on with m & s Marshall Productions.


Originally from Barbados, Paige has been interested in theatre since she was 14. She has played various roles, being a part of her school’s Drama Club. Highlight roles included Portia in “The Merchant of Venice” and a news reporter, Lisa Mopps, in an original school production. Paige also has been a part of the London Community Player’s LYTE production of “Saving Grace“, playing Hali. Paige would like to thank Matthew Marshall for giving her the opportunity to be a part of this great production as well as the very talented cast who made it a blast. She would like to thank her family for supporting her in all her efforts.


Cynthia is a student pastor and student of ministry with the PCC and is currently enrolled in the M.Div. program at Knox College, U of Toronto. Her passion for theatre lead her to take part in Meaning and she has enjoyed the theological exploration and the fun this production has brought her. Being a theological student should you want to chat about how your faith brings “Meaning” she is always open to have a coffee and explore. She is a mother, a grandmother and has enjoyed 10 years on stage with community theatre and knows the birth of Christ is one of God’s great miracles.


Stephanie experience with m & s Marshall Production includes being the Stage Manager, Hair and Make Up for the remount of Meaning of Christmas and also Stage Manager, Hair and Makeup for The Great Banquet. Along with crew, Stephanie has done some acting with m & s Marshall Productions. She performed in the remount of Meaning of Christmas as Kristan for one of the show during the stage run. For The Great Banquet she played the role of Julia. Her previous technical stage credits included hair and makeup on AVSS Dramatic productions for “The Night No One Died“, “OthNreE” and “The Sting“. Hair, Makeup, Assistant Choreographer and Stage Manger for AVSS’s “Rockin’ Through the Darkside” Musical Review, Stage Manager for AVSS’s Choir show “A Musical Spectacular“, Singer, Assistant Choreographer and Assistant Stage Manager for AVSS’s Choir show, “Just us… and the Off Broadway Singers” , Assistant Choreographer and Assistant Stage Manager for “Just Us! And the Off Broadway Singers: Are Back From Broadway“. Stephanie has been a part of AVSS choir shows including “The Road to Broadway” and “A Christmas to Believe In” as a singer.

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