Saturday July 2nd m & s Marshall Production co-owner Matthew Marshall spent part of the day in Chatham, Ontario in a production meeting and scouting locations for an upcoming short film he is working on as Assistant Director.  The film is called Ronny’s Bench and is written by Don Hickey and will be directed by Corrinne Wood. The scouting of locations is in prep for filming that will take place on Saturday July 9th and Sunday July 10th in the Chatham area. Filming will continue following those two dates later in August.  Marshall and Wood have teamed up previous with Wood working as Production Manager on Marshall’s Tuned In done by m & s Marshall Productions in association with 12 Disciples and Productionmark.  Wood and Marshall are also teaming up for a short film told through dance called Struggles Within that Wood wrote. Ronny’s Bench is about a man is confronted with a choice of doing the right thing or doing what’s right for him.

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