The Malicious Attack production team was on location at the Chatham Police station in Chatham on Thursday March 16th to film some scenes from the short film.  Director Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall Production were privilege to get the opportunity to film the scenes at the location with the partnership of the Chatham-Kent Police Services. The scenes feature lead actress Katie Ostojic who plays the lead role of Naomi Spencer in a prison uniform and in a cell. When Marshall was asked why the dramatic scene and the character in prison. Marshall smiles and says “You will have to tune in to see the movie.”  Marshall did hint that the scene is because Naomi has been getting bullied and the attacks push her to a breaking point. In an attempt to fight back against the bullying Naomi makes a mistake that lands her in some hot water.  “Being in the cell and in that uniform was a little scary. I was glad that it was just acting. I would not want to be in that position in real life” says Ostojic.


The scene was made possible by The Chatham Kent Police Department with hands on help from 1st Class Constable Rob Herder and Constable Kelly Helbin, Public Information Officer for the Chatham Police. A special mention also needs to go to Mary Ellen Herder for her help it organization and communications.


Malicious Attack is a short film about bullying. It takes a twist on the traditional bully story line as at it’s heart it is a ‘good girl gone bad’ due to being bullied. The bully of the story Savannah not only bullies the “outcast”, the “Pregnant Teen” and the “immigrant” but also your run of the mill sweet “good girl” Naomi. Each of these characters has a different reaction and response to the bullying they experience. Naomi is the relentless target of the bullying by Savannah and her friends Brittany and Avery. Naomi’s best friend Macey tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. The film gives lots of opportunity to discuss the issue of bullying and the reactions of those that are bullied.


The cast features a large number of vary artistic people that want to get the message out about bullying. all of which are from around southwestern Ontario. Along with Ostojic they included:  Morgan Flanagan, Elina Lattanzio, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Dina Jasim, Aaliyah Paul, Judy Cormier, Corina Leatherdale , Kailey Dennis, Tiandra Edwards, Ian James Smith, April Booth, Mallaidh Pouti, Mary Ellen Herder, Lesley Chapman, Jamie Rainbird, Kayla Hope Felker, Elizabeth Harden,  Jerry Ziler, Melissa Ramos, Brooklyn Pritchard, Kyra Ramos, Kendal Cabral, and Rob Herder


The filming day is one of six that will be happening in the remaining weeks of March and into early April that will make up a good portion of the film. “There is some very critical and dramatic scenes that will be filming in the coming weeks that will drive the message of the story home”, says Marshall. He is hoping that more community organizations will come on board to assist in various ways to get the message of bullying in the film.


The film can be found on IMDb at


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