Since the release of the short film Struggles Within back at the Chatham Film Festival in early 2017,  the creative team behind the film has been trying to figure out how to better explain the issue of depression through dance without words. The response from the festival was that people didn’t get it. The productions co-producer and Production Manager of m & s Marshall Productions finally put the words on it. “The film is like depression. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain. From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand.  “ So the  production team lead by Matthew Marshall along with the film’s director have assembled a number of girls, some new and some from the original production to filming some new dramatic shots to help explain through images what the film is about.


That filming happened on Dec 27th at the Princess Ave Playhouse. Marshall added Helena Rose as acting coach to try and get more emotions and action out of those cast to fill these roles to give the most impact to the shots being film.  Lesley Chapman from the Elgin Theatre Guild was there to support the team.  Don Hickey co-founder of iFilmGroup was there as well to offer is input as Marshall and Hick are working together as iFilmGroup and Hickey as the Community Relations Manager of iFilmGroup is working on securing funding for the project to assist with additional cost and the planned promotions of the film when finished.



It was a successful day that got some great shots but Marshall still is looking for some additional stuff and plans to look for a few more individuals to get some additional footage as well as some other shots that he has planned.

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