The new website promoting m & s Marshall Productions, IME Films and Splash Pad Productions is taking off.  More and more attention is being drawn to the site by the public.  The web site is to promote what these three companies are doing and how they are helping youth to be mentored in the film industry.  The structure of the production team is being changed and will take on more of a Youth and Senior feel where people of all ages share their knowledge and skills with a multi generational team to help mentoring happen with all ages.  The team is looking to focus on:


Multi-generational relationship building and mentoring.

Our vision is to network the different generations of skills and talents as the different generations’ transition the journey of life.

We have a good solid inter-generational program with youth and seniors making award winning films.

Developing life skills that enrich all ages.

Learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations.


The site features a number of testimonies from a number of familiar faces of productions back to 1999 that have been done by Marshall and the team. Some of the more recent familiar faces included Helena rose who will be taking part in two of the newest productions which will bring her total to five productions with the team. Morgan Flanagan who has done four Productions with the team. Others include: Elian Lattanzio and Marley Cabral ( both with two productions), Anna Faklan and Dina Jasim who have each done one production but appear to be on the rise as stars working on films.


The website also features a number of seniors that have worked with the team on various films. The master minds leading the team on this new venture is Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall.  Don Hickey is Community engagement manager and the head of the PR firm that is working on behalf of the production house. He is instrumental in securing funds for the production companies as well as cast and locations. “ Don is an important part of helping us get all the aspects of the production behind the scenes that we need”, says Marshall. Who goes on to say “we have a great film culture in London and Chatham and we want to build on that,”  when talking about the new initiative.


The production team encourages people to check out the web site at

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