Matthew Marshall and his production company m & s Marshall Productions along with iFilmGroup have kicked their search for key cast members for a new hour long dramatic film into full gear. the team is inviting submissions for their open casting call which will be held in January.  The film is called “Blue Love” and is about young woman named Kaitlyn looking for true love. She endures domestic violence and has her life spin out control. She struggles to overcome and come to grips with mental and emotional issues from events that have happened to her. The film is being directed by Marshall and is written by Marshall and London Ontario actor Helena Rose. Rose is also the lead actress for the film playing Kaitlyn.   It is being filmed in London Ontario. Hopefully around early spring depending on schedules.


They are looking for non-equity actors, female and male age range 16 -70. for various roles. Those cast will receive an IMDb credit. Applicants are encouraged to submit their resume and head shot to either or to apply via Stage 32 at


The team is gathering applicants and are asking people to submit a first audition reel of a recorded monologue of their choice via video file, You Tube, Vimeo.  The Monologue can be the applicants choice and should be roughly 1 to 2 minutes.


Out of those first audition monologues the team will be setting up audition times and meetings with people they are interested in meeting for a second acting audition. interested people will be set up for near future once interested individual


Roles being cast for are:


Braydon Butler  – 22yrs to 35yrs  (Husband of Kaitlyn. Is both tender yet an abuser.)

Dylan Clarke       -  22yrs to 40yrs ( Love interested Kaitlyn dreamed of. Her safety zone)

Paige Bishop   -  22yrs to 30yrs – Friend of Kaitlyn’s who is a nurse.

Hospital Nurse-                  19yrs to 30yrs – Nurse at the hospital

Middle Eastern Nurse – 18yrs to 30yrs  – Nurse at the hospital

Maternity Nurse – 20yrs to 60yrs

Clinic Nurse – 25yrs to 50yrs         -

CAS Worker – 25yrs to 50yrs        -

Prosecution – 30yrs to 55yrs

Lawyer -  30yrs to 55yrs

Court Officer – 30yrs to 60yrs

Correctional Officer – 25yrs to 50yrs

Detective          -   25yrs to 60yrs

Police Officer #1 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Police Officer #2 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Police Officer #3 – 25 yrs to 45 yrs

Police Officer #4 – 25yrs to 45yrs

Basketball Kid  – 14 yrs to 20 yrs

street teen / young adult  – 16yrs to 25yrs

Congregation Member -

Wedding guest

Clinic Patients


For further Information contact Matthew at

More information about the film can be found at




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