Two members of the cast of Malicious Attack along with a small crew filmed a scene where the mother of one of the main cast members named Brittany gets a call from the school that her daughter has been hurt in relation to a bullying incident. Moments later Theresa, the younger sibling of the character in the film that has been hurt comes running through the door to tell her mother the information she has just been give by the school. Theresa in a previous scene has witness her sister being hurt.  the two coming together, creates a tender moment as we see mother and daughter embrace as they process the information a family member that has been hurt and affected by bullying.  the film’s director Matthew Marshall feels the scene and the special moment between the mother and her daughter helps to open up the film beyond just the main characters to the audience as they see these two smaller characters being affected by the bullying also. “it pulls in the mom and sibling and shows how it affects them as well,” says Marshall.   He feels the closing moments of the scene are what drives it home when Melissa’s character of Mrs De Silva  response to her daughter being hurt and opens the door  so to speak for mom’s to be drawn in to the film as many will relate on a personal level if their child has been bullied. The cast members of the scene are real life mother Melissa Cowell and daughter Kyra Ramos.  “The moment on film has a sincere reality to it. Even though it was acting it felt very natural and real,” says the film’s director Matthew Marshall. It was a scene that both Marshall and Cowell feel is important to show the ripple effect of those that are touched and affected by acts of bullying. It goes beyond the bully and the victim.  Cowell was excited to be a part of the film because of what it offers in the message. “The film is a catalyst to expose real bullying and how it happens to everyone, regardless if they are being directly bullied or not” say Cowell. Kyra Ramos, Cowell’s real life daughter and daughter in the film also feels the film is really great for teens and parents. “It opens up a place where people can talk about their bullying experiences. The scene was filmed in Grand Bend.



The film is produced under the banner of m & s Marshall Productions, in association with IME Films and takes a twist on the traditional bully story line as at its heart it is a ‘good girl gone bad’ due to being bullied. Savannah bullies the “outcast” Raven (played by April Booth), the “Pregnant Teen”, Sara (Played by Tiandra Edwards)  and the “immigrant” in Linda (played by Dina Jasim). But Savannah does not stop there, she also bullies your run of the mill sweet “good girl” Naomi Spencer Each of these characters has a different reaction and response to the bullying they experience. Naomi is the relentless target of the bullying by Savannah. Naomi’s best friend Macey (Morgan Flanagan) tries to find ways to help Naomi expose the bullying, but Naomi is unwilling to come forward. The Attacks on Naomi continue till she is pushed to a breaking point. “The story gives lots of opportunity to discuss the issue of bullying and the reactions of those that are bullied” says Marshall.



This filming date is one of several coming up in May and June that will bring the film very close to being finished. A moment that Marshall will be very happy with. “We started in the fall of 2016 and due to the different seasons in the film and busy schedules it has taken a while to get to the end” says Marshall. The film has about 10 scenes left to film. Two more dates are set up in May and another couple in June.  There will be a few odds and ends that have to be tied up over the summer. But for the most part the film will be able to head into post production. The film has been filmed in London, St Thomas, Chatham and surrounding area. “Yes it has a very local feel like a lot of my films do,” says Marshall. He enjoys bring local locations into his films. “South-western Ontario has very rich locations to film. I enjoy bring them into my films”, Marshall adds



The film looks at the effects that bullying has on people both from various aspects including physical, emotionally and mentally.  “It’s more then just the hurt’s you see on the outside.  It’s about the words and things said that hurt us on the inside also, “ says Marshall.  ”Words can hurt deeper than we think. They get into our bodies like a disease, slowly affect our brains and hearts” says Dina Jasim who plays Linda.  It is the hope of the entire cast and crew that the film will teach audiences why bully awareness does not only refer to awareness in the public eye. “ Bullying awareness means awareness of specific incidents to authority figures, awareness of bystanders in their role and awareness of the bullies themselves of the potential gravity of their actions”, says Lattanzio


The film features a talented cast from around St Thomas and London area including; Katie Ostojic, Morgan Flanagan, Elina Lattanzio, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Dina Jasim, Aaliyah Paul, Judy Cormier, Corina Leatherdale , Kailey Dennis, Tiandra Edwards, Ian James Smith, April Booth, Mallaidh Pouti, Mary Ellen Herder, Lesley Chapman, Jamie Rainbird, Kayla Hope Felker, Elizabeth Harden,  Jerry Ziler, Melissa Cowell, Brooklyn Pritchard, Kyra Ramos, Kendal Cabral, and Rob Herder. The film also has a large number of extra’s from all over South-Western Ontario.



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