On a day the recognizes mothers the m & s Marshall production family would like to say thank you to all the mom’s grandmom’s and anyone that has the role of a mom in someone’s lives. Mom play an important role in nurturing and guiding children in life.  Family themes and mothers is very important to the family based production company of m & s Marshall Productions.


The m & s in m & s Marshall Productions means Mother & Son for the co-owners of the company Sharon and Matthew.  So Mother’s play an important part in the film’s the company makes. None so important as the mother role in Tuned In a film about communication and cell phones which was release in August 2016.   The film started filming in May of 2016. In fact filming began the day before mother’s day.  “It Seems somewhat fitting to start filming for Tuned In, a short film that deals with family the day before mother’s day last year. “ says The son of m & s Matthew Marshall. Infact the grounding pillar of the film Tuned In is the screen mom played by Corina Leatherdale.  Marshall goes on to add that so often not enough credit is given to mom’s for all they do to keep the family together and functioning. Marshall is quick to clarify that he is not taking anything away from Dad’s and what they contribute but in a lot of families it’s the mom that is the glue and driving force behind what makes a house a home and refuge.  So many moms are strong women, yet they have the “motherly” side of a women that offers the “mom” the nurturing, shelter, guidance and most of all Love that children need. That unconditional love, even regardless of what their children do. Good or bad.  A mom most often offers a warm understanding and infinite patience, and wonderful gentleness. But also moms can be the firmness to right their wayward children in life when they get off track.   Mom’s just have a natural way of making things work and are able to juggle many things at once.   So many children have busy lives with busy schedules of school, rehearsals, practices, jobs, life events… fill in the blank. Yet in most cases in families moms make it all work.  It maybe biological, adoptive, step, foster or a substitute but “we all have or have had a mom that shaped and molded in some way to be who we are today” Marshall adds.  So mom’s deserve a big thank you for all they do to make us all the people we are.


That shaping us into the way we are is something that Marshall explores a bit in his newest film called Malicious Attack as we have several characters that we don’t see mom’s for but based on actions we wonder what kind of mom’s they have. “No offense to mom’s and how they raise their kinds. But these characters do make you wonder what kind of families they have and what kind of mom’s raised them” says Marshall.  But taking a step back we are in a time and place where moms are not as involved in kids’ lives. First because most moms have to work, but also because kids do not share information as much as they once did in the past with their parents. So there is more secrets about what goes on in their lives.  Some characters like Linda Tai the immigrant in the Malicious Attack played by Dina Jasim is hiding that she is being bullied and is suffering from depression because of the bullying from her parents.  Sara (played by Tiandra Edwards) is a pregnant teen who is about to be a mom to be is struggling with the fact she is going to have a baby and is being teased and bullied because she is a pregnant “baby mamma”. We don’t see if she has parents helping her through it or not.  But we can see she is struggling.  Savannah White, the bully of the film does not seem to have any parental guidance.  Her bullying and the reason why she is bullying is not explored in the film by Marshall. Leaving the door open that it could be because of either a lack of parenting, or due to abuse by parents.  In part he says he does not explore the parental aspect of Savannah “on purpose” because he doesn’t want to define why she is bullying. “it’s more that she is the bully and is hurting people with her actions then going into why she is bullying. Leave more open for discussion about the film on why she bullies,” Says Marshall.  Other characters like “Good Girl” Naomi Spencer (Played by Katie Ostojic), has her mother shown but she is in denial that her daughter could get into any trouble when we see her. Then when Naomi is forced to serve her punishment. We see the anguish and pain of a mom unable to help her daughter.  We see the mother of Brittany De Sliva (played by Marley Cabral) who helps in the bullying. She has to deal with her daughter getting hurt and she can’t come to terms that her daughter might have had a part in the bullying.  Marshall agin points out that a scene where Mrs De Silva (Played by Melissa Cowell) gets the news her daughter has been hurt in a fight was filmed just days before mother’s day. When asked if Marshall has a thing with filming scenes involving mother’s around Mother’s day, he just smiled.


Marshall does it admit that regardless of good or bad influences mom’s play an important part in developing the children they have and how they raise them has a big part in how the kids will grow up and be raised.


Marshall, and his production company m & s Marshall Productions wish to say Thank you to all the mothers that are associated and connected to the cast and crew of his production for all they do in driving kids to film locations and other things they do.  These women have raised and provided the individuals that are each contributing to making  films like Tuned In and Malicious Attack, be the films they become in the end.


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