Matthew Marshall the co-owner of m & s Marshall Productions will be a feature guest on the premiere episode of the new Rogers TV show called Max TV hosted by youth actor Max Steinberg. The episode is set to premiere on Rogers TV London today Thursday Sept. 14th at 4:00 pm. This first episode is called “That’s Entertainment” and will have Marshall will be taking about film making. This first episode also features the talented Judy Cormier who was a part of Matthew’s productions of Daughter of the King and Malicious Attack. Max was part of Matthew’s film Malicious Attack where he played the role of Liam Stevens and Max was also in Marshall’s co-production Summer of Discovery. Marshall talks about his films Addictions, Daughter of the King and Tuned In. The opening of the third show will be the trailer for Malicious Attack as the show deals with bullying.

Steinberg has been nominated for a Joey Award as “Best Young Host” for the new series.

The episode is up on Yout Tube at

Max TV is listed on IMDb at

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