The familiar face of Jamie Rainbird has been added to the cast of Matthew Marshall’s newest yet to be named film. And in this case where he man goes Jamie’s wife Adina is following.


Jamie Rainbird is familiar to working with m & s Marshall Productions will play a drug dealer in the new film. Rainbird has previously turned in an award winning performance as the father in the short film Tuned In and a school Board member in malicious Attack. He also had a role with IME films and m & s Marshall Productions in the feature film Summer of Discovery and a role with Splash pad productions in Ronnie’s Bench.

Rainbird’s real life wife Adina Paluzzi-Rainbird has also been added to the cast.  She will be acting with her husband as the role of Crystal one of the Drug dealers main girl.  She acted with her husband in Summer of Discovery playing his on screen wife as part of the film.  Marshall had seen her in other films she has done. She was to be part of Malicious Attack but a conflict did not allow her to be part of the cast

The co-write of this new script and lead Actress Helena Rose is in favour of these addition and looks forward to acting with them. Especially Jamie as she has worked with him before.  The two are familiar with each other as they had a scene together in Ronny’s Bench Where Rainbird played Mr. Salmon and Rose played a medical Attendant.  They were also cast mates in Tuned In, Malicious Attack and Summer of Discovery although never had a scene together in any of those three films.


The film is about a young nurse that is a broken marriage and is struggling with a multitude of emotional and mental issues. The film deals with domestic abuse and the struggles of the main character Kaitlyn Butler (Helena Rose) in her broken marriage to overcome what she is dealing with mentally and emotionally pertaining to her life.

Marshall has opened up the casting call for further roles in the film as an open casting call. Applications are now being accepted through apply to Stage 32 or submitting resume and head shot to

Interested parties can apply at

Those applying should share a link to a rehearsed and recorded Audition monologue which has been posted on You Tube or Vimeo for the casting team to preview.

The team will only be casting people from St Thomas, London Ontario and South-western Ontario area. Or those willing to drive themselves from further distance.

Live Auditions dates will be announced in the future. Filming is to take place in 2018

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