Saturday May 27th was another great day of filming for m & s Marshall Productions with two of the fabulous cast members Elina Lattanzio and Dina Jasim. The scene was as Savannah is headed to a big square off with Naomi. On her way she runs into Linda Tai.  Savannah continues her reign of terror of bullying others as she backs Linda into a corner, intimidates her and knocks her books out of her hand.  BUT… is Savannah’s reign of terror soon coming to an end! The films director Matthew Marshall says “you will have to wait” and see.


Malicious Attack is on the final leg of filming with a three days in June being all that is left for the majority of principle filming. Marshall does mention that there is a couple scenes that due to schedules will be filmed after June but that over all the film will be finished principle filming by the middle of June. Meaning the film will then head into post production.


Marshall figures the film will be about 30 minutes in length and will centre around two primary characters. The Bully Savannah who is played by Elina Lattanzio and the Good girl Naomi Spencer played by Katie Ostojic.  Savannah and her relentless attacks focus on a few students at the Meadowbrooke High School including the “Good Girl” Naomi, but also the “outcast” Raven (April Booth), the “pregnant teen” Sara (Tiandra Edwards) and an “immigrant” Linda (Dina Jasim).  Lattanzio has her figure of the pulse of the issue and the how it plays itself out in the movie. “This film is an excellent depiction of the culture that surrounds bullying, particularly in the school system. In spite of the numerous opportunities for different characters to intervene in the situation, ultimately each character is left to endure the struggle alone”, she says.


Bullying is a topic that the film’s director Marshall feels is important to open a discussion about.  “I think we all have seen bullying in some form or another regardless of our ages. It’s an issue that crosses all lines and borders in our world. Everyone knows someone who has been bullied. It happens every day and it affects everyone”, says Marshall.


Marshall hopes that editing will be done by the fall for Bullying week. But he is not holding hard and fast to that deadline.

The cast includes a large number of people from the area including; Katie Ostojic, Morgan Flanagan, Elina Lattanzio, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Mary Ellen Herder, Corina Leatherdale,  Aaliyah Paul,  Judy Cormier, Dina Jasim, Max Steinberg,  Elizabeth Harden, Tiandra Edwards, Ian James Smith, April Booth, Kayla Hope Felker, Lesley Chapman, Jamie Rainbird,  Serena Webber, Brooklyn Pritchard, Kailey Dennis, Mallaidh Pouti, Melissa Ramos,     Jerry Ziler, Kyra Ramos, Kendal Cabral, Rob Herder, Tracey Bell, Emma Lee Willsie and Talitha Wood


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