Award winning director Matthew Marshall and his company m & s Marshall Productions are looking for cast for his newest film dealing with a young nurse that is a broken marriage and is struggling with a multitude of emotional and mental issues. The Short film deals with domestic abuse and the struggles of the main character Kaitlyn in her broken marriage to overcome what she is dealing with mentally and emotionally pertaining to her life. The final title of the film has not been fully decided. But will be announced shortly. The writers of the script for the film are Matthew Marshall and Helena Rose. Rose also will be playing the lead character of Kaitlyn Butler. A few more cast members will be announced shortly as they are chosen. Marshall will also be directing the film.


Marshall also teases that their is another film on the horizon that he will be associated with called “Not Yet”. This will be in association with Don Hickey.


Marshall has had large success in the last few years with some very successful films. including Daughter of the King and Tuned In. he also has a short film about Bullying called Malicious Attack that looks very promising.  Marshall’s films can be found on IMDb. To watch his films they can be found on Vimeo’s VOD pages.


A number of the talented people who have been a part of Marshall’s most recent film were discovered in his audition process and have moved into more major roles over several productions. A number of the talent pool has moved on or is away at school. if they have not left yet will leave in the next six months.  SO the team is looking for some fresh faces.


Applications are now being accepted through apply to Stage 32 or submitting resume and head shot to


Interested parties can apply at


Those applying should share a link to a rehearsed and recorded Audition monologue which has been posted on You Tube or Vimeo for the casting team to preview.


The team will only be casting people from St Thomas, London Ontario and South-western Ontario area. Or those willing to drive themselves from further distance.

Live Auditions dates will be announced in the future. Filming is to take place in 2018.

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