The creative team of the new dramatic film Blue Love made up of the film’s director/Co-producer Matthew Marshall and the films co/producer/co-writer/lead actor Helena Rose held an audition call for actors for the film.


The film is being produced under the banner of Marshall’s company m & s Marshall Productions and if pre-production goes on schedule will move into production in early spring.


Rose and Marshall were joined by Don Hickey- Community Engagement Manager and co-founder of iFilmGroup.


Along with helping Marshall and Rose, Hickey was scouting some of the talent for upcoming iFilmGroup productions that are in the works.


“A lot tremendous talent walked on stage for these auditions”, says Marshall. Giving the team a number of strong possibilities for casting and some hard choices to make over all. Marshall declares it” a good day in London, Ontario for both the production team of m & s Marshall Productions and iFilmGroup.” Hickey was also pleased knowing that future productions through iFilmGroup will garnish the rich talents of the participants.


Marshall did admit they are still on the lookout for some roles that need to still be filled.


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